• Behavioral Targeting To Rescue Newspapers?
    Can online behavioral targeting save newspapers? Microsoft lawyer Mike Hintze says the answer might be yes.
  • File-Sharing Defendant Asks Supreme Court For Webcast
    File-sharing defendant Joel Tenenbaum is continuing his quest to have his trial Webcast. His defense team, headed by Harvard Law professor Charles Nesson, filed papers asking the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the issue.
  • Newsapers Revisit Charging For Online Content
    In case it wasn't obvious that newspapers are struggling, a new report by the Newspaper Association of America shows just how dire the situation has become. In the first quarter of this year, ad revenues plummeted to $6.62 billion, marking a 28% drop from last year, according to the NAA. And it wasn't only print ad revenue that fell. Web ad revenue also dropped 13%, to $696 million.
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