• Privacy 'Bill Of Rights' Faces Attack From All Sides
    The White House's proposed privacy bill of rights, which dropped late Friday afternoon, is leaving just about everyone unhappy. Some privacy advocates immediately said the bill doesn't go far enough, while industry representatives quickly said the bill was unnecessary. By today, the bill had drawn a new round of criticism. This morning, the Association of National Advertisers called the proposed measure "a major step in the wrong direction," and added that it will "divert attention and energy from critical data security legislation and will not materially aid the privacy debate."
  • Comcast Merger Still Poses Threat, Critics Warn
    If Comcast's $45 billion merger with Time Warner Cable goes through, the deal will extend the company's broadband footprint, leaving it as the only option for high-speed broadband in many U.S. homes. Critics say that even the FCC's new net neutrality rules might not prevent Comcast from leveraging its power over Internet access to harm online competitors.
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