• Silicon Valley Sides With FCC, Says Muni-Broadband Networks Can Close 'Digital Divide'
    The Federal Communications Commission took "a step toward broadband abundance" this year when it voted to nix laws that prevent local cities and towns from creating their own muni-broadband networks.
  • FCC Chair Previews Broadband Privacy Rules: 'Nothing About Me Without Me'
    The Federal Communications Commission plans to forge ahead with broadband privacy rules in the next several months, Chairman Tom Wheeler recently told PBS talk show host Charlie Rose.
  • T-Mobile Exempts Netflix, HBO Go And Other Video Services From Data Caps
    T-Mobile will allow subscribers to stream unlimited video from Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu and 20 other video providers, the wireless company said today.
  • Facebook Loses Privacy Fight In Belgium
    Facebook must stop tracking non-users in Europe within 48 hours, a judge in Belgium ruled on Monday.
  • Vimeo Faces Off Against Capitol Records Over User-Created Clips
    Video-sharing service Vimeo urged federal appellate judges to rule that the company isn't automatically liable for copyright infringement if users upload videos that incorporate music recorded before 1972.
  • Senate Considers Banning Online 'Gag' Clauses
    Consumer advocates and companies that operate review sites are backing a proposed bill that aims to protect people's right to criticize businesses.
  • Charter Pushes FCC To Clear Merger With Time Warner
    Charter says its planned buying spree will "yield significant benefits" for consumers.
  • New Firefox Tool Blocks Ads, Prevents Tracking
    Mozilla's newest version of Firefox, released today, enables users to block third-party ads and prevent data collection by ad networks, analytics companies and social widgets such as Facebook's "like" button.
  • Supreme Court Debates Consumers' Right To Sue Data Brokers
    Supreme Court judges heard arguments today about whether a consumer can proceed with a lawsuit alleging that Spokeo posted incorrect information about him. The judges' questions suggested strong views on both sides.
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