• Seller Of 'Used' iTunes Tracks Exploited Record Labels, Capitol Argues
    "ReDigi surely undermined incentives for artistic creativity," Capitol argues in papers filed with a federal appellate court.
  • Senators Demand Answers About FCC Site Crash
    "Any potentially hostile cyber activities that prevent Americans from being able to participate in a fair and transparent process must be treated as a serious issue," lawmakers tell the FCC.
  • Senate Democrats Urge Pai To Leave Net Neutrality Alone
    "Voluntary guidelines do not provide the certainty needed to entrepreneurs, innovators, and anyone else with an idea," lawmakers say in a letter to FCC Chair Ajit Pai.
  • John Oliver Rallies Net Neutrality Supporters
    Ajit Pai's plan to replace regulations with voluntary terms of service would "make net neutrality as binding as a proposal on 'The Bachelor'."
  • Rural Broadband Providers Celebrate Plan To Repeal Net Neutrality
    "Each of us believes profoundly in preserving internet freedom, and we would never consider acting contrary to the interests of our customers," the broadband providers say.
  • Seattle Passes Tough Broadband Privacy Rules
    The city of Seattle now requires cable providers to obtain subscribers' opt-in consent before using information about their Web browsing for ad purposes.
  • Consumers Call Court's Attention To FTC Order Against Turn
    "While Turn attempts to escape litigation by characterizing its conduct as authorized and disclosed, the government has joined petitioners in contending (and finding) exactly the opposite," class counsel writes.
  • Republicans Aim To Permanently Scrap Net Neutrality Rules
    Utah Senator Mike Lee has introduced a bill to revoke the net neutrality rules and prohibit the FCC from issuing similar regulations in the future.
  • Net Neutrality Rules Stand -- For Now
    The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals refused today to revisit its decision to uphold net neutrality rules that treat broadband as a utility service.
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