• blinx and you'll miss it
    This could help- a whitepaper blinkx.com/seo.pdf
  • No more fun in-games ...
    "The novelty of being in a game just to be n a game has worn off," said Jonathan Epstein, CEO of Double Fusion.
  • Airbrushing is nifty
    From the "SEO isn't rocket science..." conference track: You want to airbrush the first page of google to get rid of the negative results (if there are any) about your company first (sued, failed health code, monkeys in the basement).   But how?  I don't get it.  Yet.
  • Taking online populations offline is smart.
    I want to do that.   It's like an integrated people process.
  • Disc jockeys are cool
    Does anyone even say disc jockey anymore?  Don't people say DJ?  Yes this stems from the Yaris vs Yaris case study.  The target was 18-24 year old urban black males interested in sneaker culture and celebrity "disc jockeys"  Disc Jockeys?  For real?
  • Brand Engagement through social media is smart
    I was truly conflicted when deciding which track to take because in the room next to me is Email in 2008: One of Your Strongest Media Vehicles. Considering the lovely feedback I've gotten with my info emails regarding this event, this screams at me. But what's screaming louder is anything and everything social media. This is my thing. Here's a few things that tickled my toenails.
  • Who Gets Canned First in the Automation Age?
    As agencies continue to incorporate more automated campaign management tools into the work process, naturally some people, departments and even entire companies will get ... well canned. At least that's the concern. And panelists didn't quite assuage those fears.
  • The Machine will help you Be a Better Media Buyer
    "Technology is the only thing that's going to enable the marketplace to grow and expand," said Jeff Ratner, managing partner at MindShare Interaction. "Options are limitless in terms of spending millions of client's add dollars, and a small group at a media agency can't do that effectively without technology."
  • Automated buying systems are smart.
    Media buying and planning is a little out of my brain range, but concept wise the idea of automation is not a new one. I came here from a pretty high tech background where automation was a but a fetal buzzword YEARS ago. So of course it's interesting to me in this new-to-me industry to hear it make its rounds. What is it that media types fear about automation?
  • YES! You can use emerging media to reach 35+ consumers
    Our own Joe Mandese had his skeptic hat on when he asked panelists "every brand can't participate in a game, or have mini-movies or widgets on their site, can they? Where can we go with this?" The panelists resounded with a convincing "YES YOU CAN!"
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