• Web Advertising Healthy, Ad Nets Agree
    If there was one thing that both vertical and horizontal ad net reps could agree upon Thursday -- apart from their distain for Google -- is the overall health of online advertising. Jocelyn Griffing, SVP, Online Media, ICON International, part of Omnicom: Budgets are up, we’re doing really well. I will say there does seem to be a bit of a pullback from some other the big players. Cree Lawson, CEO, Travel Ad Network: “We’re not seeing a slowdown … I think it’s more indicative of the fact that travel media said they were going to spend an …
  • Perspective from this perspective give me perspective
    sigh.  lots of "perspective" being throw around... only just now broken up by... "let's not play slap the carrot here"
  • Question thyself, media people
    "We're treating this by asking ourselves the question, 'why is this message better served on your handset than any other place'." says Scott Kelliher, Director of Mobile Advertising, Virgin Mobile USA.  Take that phrase and put it in the context of YOU and what you're working on right now.  Why would someone join your community, pass your video around, watch your digital outdoor ad... on that medium ... over another medium? In an innovative environment it is so important to question yourself because you KNOW people will tune out as soon as you stop asking.
  • Carriers are smart.
    Man this is hard for these guys.  It's 4:14PM Pacific Time, the cocktail party is looming, and it's the end of an intense 2 day conference, and the guys in the panel for Carriers: The New Media Companies are speaking to a pretty sparse room.  Which could be a good thing since these are the people who really want to hear what they have to say.
  • Creepy Real
    As it turns out, Dale Herigstad really is from the future. And he wrapped up his keynote by showing it to us. Dale, who a few years back worked with Steven Spielberg to come up with the “gestural interface” that Tom Cruise uses in “Minority Report,” showed some current gestural interfaces that are actually here today. As amazing as that might seem, Dale also gave a preview of an interface technology that would make even science fiction author Philip K. Dick blush. “It can read your brainwaves,” Dale said, referring to the new Emotive system, a …
  • Dynamic Assemblage: The “New TV”
    Dale Herigstad looks like he’s from the future. Dressed in trademark all-black, with a shock of white hair, he could be a character from a science fiction novel. Dale stepped out of the future this morning, and presented some of it during a keynote at the OMMA Hollywood conference. Dale, who is the chief creative officer of WPP’s Schematic, presented how the “new TV” will look. The new TV, is actually a combination of online, interactive TV, video-on-demand, IP technologies, and a variety of other things that will give TV the look and feel of an immersive user experience. …
  • Creatives: Don't Fear the Machine
    "Good stories don't come from machines," said Chuck Porter, co-chairman of Crispin Porter. "If you're creative and good at it, you probably don't need to worry about machines." For example, CP&B was the agency behind Burger King's "Whopper Freakout" campaign. It took face-to-face communication, particularly in getting the franchise owners to buy in to the concept. "The francisees said, 'if you run a commercial that says we're no longer selling our most popular product, we're gonna come to your house and kill you." Try getting a machine to accomplish that.
  • Welcome To The Machine -- Really Welcome
    Porter summed up his "Welcome To The Machine" OMMA Hollywood keynote on an upbeat note for the creative's in the room, reminding everyone that "good stories don't come from machines." They come, of course, from agencies like his Crispin Porter + Bogusky. And that's not something you're likely to find in any Google algorythms. "If you’re a creative in this business, and if you’re good at it, you probably don’t ened to worry about any machine â€" just yet."
  • Chuck Porter Endorses Hilary, And McCann, And All The Rest Of Them (Except Romney)
    Most people look at Campaign '08 in terms of the influence it will have on America’s political agenda, society, and the world at large. Chuck Porter thinks of it in terms of how it will impact advertising.
  • No Pepsi machines at Hogwart's School.
    "EA will never push ads into Harry Potter," said Shelby Cox, senior director of in-game ads at EA. "It just won't happen."
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