• Millward Brown's Dynamic Logic Unit Releases Social Insights
    Becoming social now ranks No. 7 as the most popular activity, behind watching online videos, according to Ali Rana, vice president of digital strategy at Dynamic Logic. New data released at OMMA Social in San Francisco Tuesday suggests the majority of social media users are members of two or more sites. More than half of the folks say they have used Facebook more often in the last six month than in the past. People switch social networks to follow friends. People will view advertising to keep the sites free. Facebook has the higher recall of advertisers on its sites, ...
  • Death To Silos In Social Media
    It was a chant heard throughout the halls at the Nikko hotel in San Francisco, Well, not really, but it sounds good. Marketers are beginning to tap into technology that allows them to see the results from integrated marketing plans. It's still a bit of a technical challenge, but triggers can identify a correlation between searches on engines, clicks on paid search campaigns and rises in conversions when display ads run. For social media to gain acceptance from C-level execs, these types of tools that tie results to offline measurements and campaigns becomes critical, according to Amber Naslund, ...
  • Predictive Analysis In Social Media
    Predictive analysis will soon become part of social media measurements, agreed panelists at OMMA Social in San Francisco Tuesday. Companies on the panel say platforms are in the test phase. Expect to see several companies to unveil these services this year.
  • Facebook's Boland To Match Donations To Haiti
    Brian Boland, manager of direct response solutions at Facebook, told OMMA Social attendees in San Francisco Tuesday he will match the first $1,000 in donations to Haiti if they donate through www.worldvision.org/OMMA.
  • What Haiti Taught Us About Social Media
    Brian Boland, manager of direct response solutions at Facebook, tells OMMA Social attendees in San Francisco Tuesday what they don't know about Facebook ads. He starts by providing the example of the earthquake in Haiti and how people relied on status updates to tell friends and loved ones their whereabouts, donate money to help survivors, and find makeshift hospitals that have the ability to treat people. In the last week, World Vision has been running ads in Facebook to help people connect with others. About 100,000 people have become fans since the earthquake.
  • Connecting Email With Social Media
    Michael McMahon, founder of Quick Ops, during a panel at OMMA Performance in San Francisco on Monday explored ways on how to marry email and social. He says Google had the correct idea when it launched Google Wave. Other companies can tap into a similar model. You make an offer to a core group of people, similar to Google Wave, and give them the ability to invite five friends to the group.
  • So, You're A Progressive Marketer
    But can you understand consumer intent? The tons of available data aimed to make it easier, but some believe it has complicated campaigns. Murthy Nukula, founder and CEO at Adchemy, says there are about 900,000 available "intent" categories from which marketers can choose. These categories are related to mobile and progressive marketers.
  • Converting The Masses On Your Site
    Converting the masses: what's the basis? Once consumers arrive at your side, how do you best engage with them in their language? Jon Ingalls, CEO at TrackSimple, says measure everything. While at AOL the mantra was that you might not need the data now, but you could later. Murthy Nukula, founder and CEO, Adchemy, says 2010 will become the year of fundamental relevance. strategies to maximize relevance are the same to maximize conversions. four rules lead to higher conversions. Not everyone reacts to the same message. Look for continuous, not discreet. If you have multivariable testing tools your engaged ...
  • What Will Real-Time Marketing Require?
    You've heard of real-time search. Well, marketers will need to get closer to real-time marketing, according to Dan Neely, CEO and founder at Networked Insights What do marketers need to think about today before they can build the industry of the future? They will need to understand: Social will become as important as search. Consumers will take friends with them as they move across the social networks they participate in. Leverage social data across all platforms.
  • Prediction From OMMA Performance
    David Shor, principal at Quillion who moderated the panel Monday on marketing at OMMA Performance, predicts that within five years the data agencies and the great creative houses will become the winners. It will be the "great creatives" who will cause the needle to move.
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