• Apple is too sexy for the world mobile conference
    I'm always fascinated, and sort of annoyed, by Apple's decision to strategically not attend industry functions. Steve Horowitz, CTO of Coupons.com, recalled that Apple doesn't even have a presence at the World Mobile Conference, despite (or I guess because) their mobile devices are currently the cutting edge -- so good, I guess, that they don't even have to talk about or sell their features to other industry players. I'm sure this tech snobbery is justifiable from some strategic PR point of view.... but honestly it just looks like prissy, baseless conceit to someone who isn't an Apple fanboy or member of the cult …
  • mobile is key to Facebook's future
    Interesting stat suggesting mobile access correlates with increased engagement: Facebook users who access the site through mobile devices are twice as active on the site as the average user, according to Steve Horowitz, CTO of Coupons.com
  • Meet Jack Klues' New Boss
    No, it's not Jack Klues. The VivaKi chief has been one of our bosses for some time now, of course. But that is the title of his opening keynote here at OMMA Global in San Francisco. And just to prove it, we cued those lyrics from the Who's "Don't Get Fooled Again," as Klues took the stage. "I'm not the new boss," Klues demurred, adding that he is, however, a Who fan. "I think you know who the new boss is," he said, showing a screen image of the multitude of consumers who now populate the social graph. …
  • OMMA 101
    "These are exciting times." That's how OMMA Global host Cory Treffiletti started his introduction this morning. Treffiletti, who is president and managing partner of Catalyst SF, said he actually wrote those same words in a column 10 years ago. Coincidentally, Treffiletti is now entering his 10th year as a contributor to MediaPost's Online Spin Board. But he still seems sooooo young. Actually, Treffiletti says we're all still relatively young in the online and digital media business. In fact, Treffiletti suggested that if you look at it as a human life cycle, we are now going into our "college stage." …
  • "What Were We Thinking?"
    That was the apologetic set-up that MediaPost Founder and Publisher Ken Fadner kicked things off with at OMMA Global in San Francisco this morning. San Francisco, of course, was the first venue for OMMA Global's West Coast edition. And this year is the sixth annual one. Alluding to a mistaken change of venues to another "large city south of here," Fadner noted that San Francisco clearly is the heart of the West Coast digit media community. "What were we thinking," Fadner said about MediaPost's choice to go south for a couple of years. Well, we're back.
  • In The Knicks Of Time
    NBA Commissioner David Stern is rattling off the strong NBA franchises that have contributed to a surge in ratings for the sport, and left out one important one, given the audience he is speaking to, attendees at the ANA's TV/Everything Video Forum in New York City. "I left out the Knicks, I apologize," Stern said, apologizing the oversight of his home court omission. One thing Stern said he doesn't have to apologize for anymore, is the New York Knicks' performance on the court, which he said, is a pretty good thing for the sport. "The reason it …
  • What The F**k Is MMO?
    That's pretty much what Best Buy CMO Barry Judge said during the Q&A portion of his ANA TV/Everything Video session when an audience member asked him what he was doing about, "MMO." Actually, he said what I was thinking, "What's MMO?" But I'm not a big CMO, am I? Judge is, of course, which just goes to show the degree of inscrutable industry jargon. But some industry jargonmeister blurted from the audience, "It's Marketing Mix Optimization." Ah, that explains things. Thank you very much. Er, what's marketing mix optimization? Just kidding (not).
  • Nielsen Funded Research Council Issues RFP For 'Digital Audience Measurement,' Will Nielsen Bid?
    Moments after ANA chief Bob Liodice announced that the ad industry would soon unveil a new initiative to try and standardize measurement and metrics across digital media platforms, the Nielsen-funded Council for Research Excellence announced a request for proposal to industry researchers for a project to advance digital audience measurement. Coincidence? I think not, but hard to tell from the Council's press release, which says: "The objective of the project would be to examine how various digital publishers capture and maintain user data, and to understand the role this data can play in supplementing research-panel data to augment audience …
  • Who The F**k Is Justin Bieber
    Imagine a TV doctor portrayed by George Clooney. Okay, so he actually played one on TV. But Best Buy CMO Barry Judge just showed ANA TV/Video attendees a mock-up of a spot the electronics retailer is toying with featuring Clooney as a doctor delivering a baby in a hospital attended by android nurses. Better yet, the expectant mom also is an android. "Congratulations," says one of the android nurses as the android mom delivers, "It's streaming broadband." The point of the spot, Judge said, was to promote Best Buy's new buyback program, which is like an insurance policy …
  • Best Buy 'Dialing Down On Digital,' Up 50% On TV
    That's what Best Buy CMO Barry Judge said the electronics retail giant's new strategy is. He said Best Buy is "dialing down on digital" and "dialing up on TV," because he can't "find enough places to spend our dollars on digital," but he can on TV. He said Best Buy's TV budget is increasing 50%, and that he's getting behind "big shows," especially live TV programing like big events, and the kinds of shows that people will be talking about the next day. "That's our strategy," he said.
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