• FreeWheel's Q3 Report Shows Big Uptick In OTT, Smartphone Video Ad Views
    More than 25% of the video ads viewed were displayed on mobile phones, tablets or over-the-top devices in Q3, according to a new report from FreeWheel, which also reports big gains in the sheer number of video ads everywhere as the digital space matures. Though its percentage of ads viewed is still small compared to other kinds of devices, it appears that the industry name - "over-the-top" - is true.
  • Magazines Are Read All Over But Seldom Seen On YouTube
    A report from Touchstorm says that only 115 magazines out of 1,547 it studied had a "meaningful audience" of 10 million or more YouTube views and 52% had less than 100,000 views.
  • Unilever Wants To Pay Only For Online Ads People Actually See
    Unilever only considers an ad to be complete when all of it is viewable; when a user willingly clicks it to play; when at least half the ad plays, and when the sound is on. That's pretty extreme. The industry standard is that only half of the video has to be in view, for at least two seconds.
  • Big Media In The Dumps; Is Streaming The Cause Or The Cure?
    Forever it seems, big media seemed pretty content to pay only minimal attention to streaming video -- indeed, three of the big four networks that own Hulu last year came very close to dumping it. Established media seemed to deny cord-cutters or cord-nevers existed, but now some funny business is going on. Maybe they're noticing that they're...wrong.
  • Trust But Verify: That's An Online Ad Phrase Now
    There's a brisk business in trying to be the honest broker of advertising that is actually viewable. The Wall Street Journal's CMO blog today reflects on a problem so some advertisers are offering guarantees to advertisers that their ads, really and truly, have been served,
  • CBSN, Live All-News Online Service Premieres, Abruptly
    CBSN is the new online, always-on news service formally announced--and launched clumsily--by CBS this morning. Combined with other CBS initiatives online lately, it seems that network is jumping in to over-the-top programming head-first.
  • Womensforum Serving Up Content Based On Device, Behavior Patterns
    Womensforum.com, working with JWPlayer, modified its CMS so that it will be able to suggest content based specifically on a woman's viewing habits gleaned from past behavior at the site's 2,000 platform affiliate sites. It will also modify the offerings based on whether the user is on a mobile device of tablet, and will even change choices based on the time of day.
  • One Way To Stop Annoying Political Ads: Vote 'Em Out
    Big news names will be streaming election results tonight live -- on YouTube, either in addition to or rather than on their own Web sites. That's a sign of how much social media has become a locale for current information news.
  • Is StyleHaul Blushing? RTL Pays $107 Million For YouTube MCN
    StyleHaul is a collection of 4,000 YouTube channels that centers on having young women show off and enthuse over clothing and beauty products, and has been growing in leaps and bounds since 2011. Now, RTL -- which already owned a big chunk -- has bought nearly all of StyleHaul, and plans to spend $20 million to expand the brand.
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