• Early Grumble: Lots Of Online Users Feel Used By Native Advertising
    A new report by the Reuters Institute finds a sizable minority who feel deceived by native advertising, more in US than in the United Kingdom. Generally, millennials aren't as bothered.
  • Now The NFL Has A Chief Content Officer,Too; Extreme Reach Nabs Talent Partners
    It's not all highlight films, you know. The NFL Network just named TV programmig vet Jordan Levin its new chief content officer and senior veep.That lets him oversee the NFL Network and the growing mobile and app part of the universe. ALSO: Extreme Reach buys Talent Partners to help advertisers (and the talent) get the correct rights and contracts done.
  • 1 Billion Online Video Channels And Nothing's On
    Finding online video is horribly hard to do, even among the biggest merchandisers. The user interfaces are generally awful. So the new TiVo Online might be a godsend, even if you don''t use TiVo. Its existence is proof that "discovering" online video is no simple task, for consumers, or the providers.
  • Mobile Video Ads: Don't Talk, Don't Move
    Everybody's talking about capturing the mobile video ad market, but if you see the commercials, nobody is talking IN them.
  • Will 2016 Be The Year Of The Live Streamed Candidates?
    If Periscope or Meerkat existed when Mitt Romney gave his disastrous "47%" speech in Boca Raton during the 2012 campaign, it's quite likely an aide would see what was going out live over the Internet and gagged him with a luncheon napkin just to shut him up.
  • With NewsOn Local TV Gets Into The Aggregated App Biz
    The new planned app, from five big TV station owners, will carry live and on-demand newscasts from eight of the ten largest markets at this point and 17 of the top 25. Altogether, 112 news stations in 84 markets will be a part of NewsOn, with more expected by launch this fall.
  • Dash, A New Curated Online Radio Outfit That Doesn't Give A Damn About Algorithms
    DJ Skee wishes radio was like it was in the good old days when disc jockeys picked their music, not a computer, or a mega-corporation. Dash, with a video component, too, aims to do that with disc jockeys like... Snoop Dogg.
  • Surely You Jest? Zefr Looks At The Value of Users' Parody Ads
    As YouTube let users vote on their favorite ads, Zefr, which spends its days and nights figuring out who, how and why users find viral hits, compiled its own list of top ads, based on engagement metrics. One of the conclusions: Copy-cats are to be encouraged.
  • Click-Through Doesn't Cut It, Brand Marketers Shout
    A new survey of 1,000 brand marketer in the U.S. and U.K. by ad tech firm Unruly discovers that those people think click-through is the least important metric they see when evaluating online video campaigns. The most revealing data: The importance of viewability and completed views. That's what marketers are looking for.
  • The Shows Tweeted Most Often, As Told By Nielsen
    Buzz means a lot and tweeting is the official form of buzz these days. So hats off to "The Walking Dead" and "Empire" not to mention the Super Bowl, the Grammys and SNL's 40th birthday show. (Which we just mentioned anyway.)
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