• Court Reaffirms Facebook Victory Against Power Ventures In 'Hacking' Battle
    A federal appellate court is standing by its ruling that defunct aggregation service Power Ventures violated a federal hacking law by "scraping" Facebook's site.
  • Newspapers Lobby Trump About Google News
    A group representing the newspaper industry apparently wants to resurrect an old battle with Google News and other online news aggregators.
  • FTC Explores Privacy Concerns Raised By Smart TVs
    "The television industry did not evolve with data collection as a critical component."FTC consumer bureau protection head Jessica Rich said Wednesday.
  • Web Companies Collaborate In New Push To Remove Terrorist Videos
    Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube said this week they will work together to remove terrorist videos and photos from their services.
  • FCC's Republicans Slam Decision To Crack Down On 'Data-Free TV'
    FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly slams the agency for its recent "attempt to intimidate providers in order to shut down popular offerings to consumers."
  • AT&T's 'Data-Free' TV Violates Net Neutrality, FCC Says
    AT&T appears to be violating the net neutrality rules by exempting DirecTV video from customers' data caps, the FCC told the company this week.
  • Mozilla Vows To Fight For Online Privacy, Net Neutrality
    Mozilla said in its annual report, released today, that it will continue to advocate for online privacy and net neutrality.
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