• What Lawyers Do When Confronted With An EULA (Hint, They Do What The Rest Of Us Do)
    What do lawyers do when they are handed boilerplate legalese documents to sign before renting a mobile phone? They do what everyone else does - they sign it without reading it.
  • Privacy, Search Data and How People Think About Online Information
    Joseph Rosenbaum, Partner and Global Chair, Advertising, Technology; Media Law Practice at Reed Smith LLP, kicked off day 2 of the MediaPost Search Insider Summit on Tuesday, telling us how cloud computing, mobile and other online activates continue to blur the lines of search, surveillance and privacy. Trends to look for in cloud computing include closing the gap between public and private clouds, and a greater collaboration between providers, he said. He provides food for thought on how the view of online information continues to change.
  • Reed Smith's Rosenbaum: 'Interoperability' Is The New Privacy
    The rapid shift toward cloud computing is accelerating the blurriness between search and privacy, and is raising new issues about consumer privacy and brand security, but for all the talk and chest-beating, Search Insider Summit morning keynoter Joseph Rosenbaum considers it the "least worrisome" issue for advertisers and agencies.
  • Search Insider Summit: How To Get C-Level Exec Buy In?
    Jump outside the digital spend and get the offline agency to work with the program, Kevin Lee, Chairman and CEO at Didit, told SIS attendees. "The biggest thing you can do is be open and share," said Matt Ackley, Director of Media, Platforms, Google. At the end of the day, the online marketing orgs tend to be a step down the road. So, how do you bring other channels along with the program? Data doesn't make you smart. It's what you do with it that makes a successful campaign.
  • Looking At Cross-Channel Attribution And Data
    Janel Landis Laravie, Chacka Marketing Founder, leads panelists Matt Ackley, Director of Media & Platforms, Google; Roger Barnette, President, IgnitionOne; Kevin Lee, Chairman and CEO, Didit; and Jim Yu, CEO, BrightEdge - through integrating marketing channels - cross-channel attribution. Limitations from what gathered from impressions. What we don't have access to and why we need them. Ackley said data isn't the problem. The problem is too much data. It clouds the picture enough, allowing people to poke holes in what supposedly is a measurable statistic
  • Move Over eCPM, Get Ready For The rCPM (For Real)
    The days of the eCPM, or "effective cost-per-thousand," may be numbered, according to Jeff Bander, President North America, General Manager, EyeTrackShop . Speaking at the Search Insider Summit this morning, Bander presented oodles of data and insights showing what happens with a user's eyes when they're looking at Web content on a computer screen, and interestingly, they don't seem to be looking at many online advertising impressions.
  • The Voice Of Search: Morgan Freeman 19, Bill Gates 0
    That's right, according to an informal poll conducted by Aaron Goldman, Chief Marketing Officer of Kenshoo, Morgan Freeman is the most logical voice of search. Conducting a "Family Feud" style panel discussion at the Search Insider Summit, Goldman asked his panelists whom, of any living person, would be the best "voice of search."
  • Chris Copeland Is All Over The Place, And So Is Search
    Chris Copeland, CEO of GroupM Next, is a bit all over the place and extremely non sequitur during his opening presentation at the Search Insider Summit at the South Seas Island Resort in Florida. But that's okay, because the subject he's presenting on - "how search identifies you," and in particular, technologies like near field communication and RFID - is also all over the place. In fact, it's increasingly everywhere you go.
  • Will "Gestural" Eat "Touch" Tech's Lunch?
    Eric Mauriello, Senior Vice President at Possible Worldwide, is heavily invested in the continued adoption of touch-screen technology. Indeed, as SVP of Touch, Mauriello works directly with clients to develop appropriate touch-screen ad campaigns and consumer services. As such, if anyone should be worried about "gestural" technology (think Tom Cruise in "Minority Report") overtaking "touch," it's Mauriello. Some experts think it's inevitable, and, if only from a ...
  • Pieces Still Missing From Cross-Channel Picture
    With an eye on digital out-of-home media (of course), how much luck are buyers having connecting the dots between different platforms? Not much, according to members of an afternoon panel at Mediapost's Digital Out-Of-Home Forum. "The ability to link consumers across screens doesn't really exists," admitted Teri Gallo, VP of Marketplace Development at IPG's Mediabrands Audience Platform. There is the ability to connect data sets, she said, while marketers are starting to make more sense of the way in which campaigns work across screens. That, however, doesn't go nearly far enough, according to Jack Sullivan, Senior Vice President/Out-of-Home Activation Director ...
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