• Extending The Super Bowl Halo By Showcasing A Car Of The Future
    Nissan's Robert Brown told OMMA LA attendees how he did that this year with "immersive" online content that drew a passionate following and reinforced the brand's racing credentials.
  • Taking The 'Con' Out Of Content
    That's what Steve Bender, partner and executive vice president of strategy at Greenlight Media and Marketing, seemed to be suggesting on the "content" panel at OMMA Art & Science in Los Angeles this afternoon. "I think the term content is seductively broad," Bender asserted, adding, "There's an awful lot of advertising parading as content right now, because it's longer form." Bender didn't actually say the ad industry is conning anyone in its pursuit of content marketing, but he more or less implied it might be conning itself, and suggested a good step toward self-awareness might be to call things what ...
  • New Metrics Required For Measuring Content
    Forget the likes, clicks and impressions. The advertising industry needs new metrics to make content accountable.
  • Want To End Fraud? Just Stop Buying Exchanges That Perpetuate It
    That is the solution Magnetic's CEO suggested to OMMA Art & Science attendees this morning during a "fraud" panel discussion. In fact, he called on the industry to rally against bad apple exchanges and to throw their support to the good ones. "All exchanges are not created equal," Green asserted, saying that it is pretty easy to identify which exchanges perpetuate bot fraud simply by utilizing one of the big fraud verification solutions -- companies like Moat, Double Verify and AIS -- and use that to benchmark which exchanges index the highest.
  • Want to avoid digital fraud? Look at real non-digital stuff
    Digital publishers spend a lot of time trying to rid their areas of fraud. Panelists at the OMMA Art & Science suggest looking at real stuff. “The one thing a bot cannot do is spend money,” James Green, chief executive officer of Magnetic. So Green says Magnetic focuses in those areas. Misha Mukherjee, director of NBCU Digital Investment, Maxus, says it isn’t just putting sites on “blacklists”, but creating “whitelists” -- those sites you can trust. Fraudulent media sites can have a short shelf life only to be replaced by new bad actors. And then Mukherjee ...
  • No Doubt A Bot It
    Magnetic CEO James Green says his firm has figured out a simple, elegant and -- he claims -- fool-proof solution to weeding out bot-driven digital ad fraud. Not surprisingly, it requires someone to spend money. But in this case, he's not referring to brand marketers or their agency teams spending money, but the consumers they are trying to reach.
  • Ad Industry Needs A Data Auditing Firm
    There's a lot of bad, dirty data floating around and the industry seems afraid to find the means to verify it, according to Chris Wexler, SVP, Director of Media and Consumer Engagement, Cramer-Krasselt, speaking at OMMA LA Tuesday.
  • Engagement For Creating Brand Awareness
    Is the pendulum swinging too far to the geeky side? "No," said Brian Borkowski, director of digital marketing at Farmers Insurance, speaking at the OMMA LA conference Tuesday. "I think we need to test in new places that make us feel uncomfortable."
  • Immersive story-telling results: Patience, patience
    Looking for that immediate response from entertainment/immensive media experiences? Hold on a second. Actually, make that around seven months. Speaking at OMMA Art & Science, Robert Brown, senior manager of interactive marketing of Nissan North America, says this was apparent for its special campaign/experience called  “Meet The Machines” -- started during this year’s Super Bowl. Nissan built a big experience around a special race car, the Le Mans Prototype 1, that were released on a number of channels. But from all of this, says Brown: “We didn’t get the web form lead generation we wanted ...
  • How To Take Creative Risks? Think Like A Racecar Driver
    That's the indirect metaphor that Nissan Senior Manager-Interactive Marketing North America Robert Brown used to kick off his keynote at OMMA Art & Science in Los Angeles this morning. He began by showing the ultimate metaphor -- a Nissan custom race car -- that is not one any consumer can buy, but which was the centerpiece of a digital marketing campaign that began with Nissan's participation in the Super Bowl in February.
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