• YouTube Faces Heat Over LGBTQ 'Restriction'
    Controversy over how YouTube handles some LGBTQ material has the social video site on its heels. User-generated content also creates user generated heat.
  • Bad Binge Ahead! Netflix's 'Iron Fist' Hammered
    Netflix's "Iron Fist" which debuts today, is being killed by by critics and controversy.
  • Charting The Brief, Wild History of YouTube
    A Reddit user has produced fascinating charts showing how the "most subscribed-to" YouTube channels have evolved since 2006. What a short strange trip it's been.
  • New FX Now App Late To The Party
    On Tuesday, Fox introduced a new and improved Fox Now app that will package the Fox network, FX and National Geographic. But isn't it redundant? A consumer can already go to Playstation Vue, DirecTV Now, Sling TV and soon, YouTube TV, to get most or all of of what Fox Now is offering in a new package.
  • WGA Contract Wants Fair Pay For Streamed Content
    The Writers Guild of America wants to be compensated better by Netflix, etc., despite not knowing who is watching what. Fair compensation from streaming services is the looming issue as the Writers Guild of America begins negotiating new contracts with the alliance of studios that work on the pacts.
  • Advertise Before It's Too Late. Literally
    A recent YuMe study points out that a great selling opportunity presents itself between 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. but Gen Xers are relatively easy marks any time of day.
  • Why Doesn't Twitter Wise Up?
    All the stories about the failure of Twitter to catch on interest me, because it seems like it could be successful even with people who don't love the idea of being overloaded with scraps of facts.
  • Does Screen Size Even Matter?
    Video content has become so ubiquitous consumers may not even care what it looks like.
  • Anthem Snub Hurt NFL Viewership
    A little more than 10% of viewers who watched less NFL last season indicated the Kaepernick National Anthem protest was a reason. Also, this new data about Q4 viewership says the availability of games online may actually push some viewers to "systematically" find reasons to avoid watching.
  • Does Facebook Actually Have An Audience?
    If Facebook wants to create its own programming, it must first realize there is not really a Facebook crowd. There's a Facebook world. Creating content for such a huge, diverse audience will be tricky.
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