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Teeny Weeny Pocket Ads
According to a new Ipsos poll conducted for (custom card printer), small business owners (SMBs) are more likely to consider business cards 'very impactful' compared to general American business persons (GenBusPers). 34% of SMBs say that using business cards to network is 'very impactful', compared to 24% of Americans who use business cards and don't own a small business.» 0 Comments
Almost 2/3 of Mobile Device Owners Are Reading Digital News
According to a detailed survey of news use on mobile devices by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism, half of all U.S. adults now have a mobile connection to the web through either a smartphone or tablet, significantly more than a year ago, which has major implications for how news will be consumed and paid for.» 1 Comments
FOMO: Fear of Missing Out
According to new findings from the 2012 Connecting and Communicating Online: State of Social Media study, conducted by Harris Interactive, women are more likely to be a member of Facebook and to login more frequently than current male members. And, while men and women average the same number of email addresses, the study finds that women are also more likely to be checking their e-mail accounts more often.» 0 Comments
Timing and Time Zone Segmentation Optimizes Retail EMailing
According to GetResponse findings released in October 2012, opt-in newsletters and emails from retailers are far more likely to be opened within the first hour after delivery than at any hour after that. While Emails reach their best results in the 1st hour after delivery, within the 2nd hour results drop by half; another 30% within the 3rd hour, and more than a 90% drop 5 hours after delivery.» 0 Comments
Paid Search Trends
According to a new study by Kenshoo, "Global Search Advertising Trends," paid search budgets are significantly higher in 2012 but the effects of seasonality are less pronounced. Last year, there was a large ramp-up in Q3, but this year, advertisers increased their budgets early and consistently throughout the year.» 0 Comments
Advertisers Vent On Agencies
A new online survey among 1,900 business leaders in marketing, media, and procurement by Avidan Strategies, reported in Forbes, reveals that their view of agencies' performance is dim. Clients are being asked to deliver more with less and are seeking a "better, faster, cheaper" attitude from agencies.» 2 Comments
Web Presence Key Digital Spend For SMBs
According to a new Borrell report on what SMBs spend on digital marketing services, 51.7% of North American small and medium size business online marketing service dollars are spent on the web presence category. This represents $202 billion in spending in 2012, and includes such services as website design and management, hosting, and social media management.» 0 Comments
Holiday Spending Up; Online Research Significant
According to the PriceGrabber first winter holiday shopping survey, 50% of consumers plan to spend the same amount during the 2012 winter holiday shopping season that they spent last year, up slightly from 48% in 2011. 12% plan to spend more, a positive increase compared with 7% last year. 54% expect to spend $500 or more.» 0 Comments
Messaging Moviegoers
According to a new study by the Ipsos Motion Picture Group, moviegoers (those who see 6+ movies in a year) drive "buzz." While non-moviegoers read posts (83%) at least a few times a week, reply to comments (62%), comment on someone else's posts/comments (60%); they don't seek out information or drive buzz to the levels of moviegoers» 0 Comments
Retail And CPG in 2013
The Retailing Today annual Insights issue, in conjunction with Chain Store Age and Nielsen, provides insights into market moving trends and a thought provoking view on where the retail and consumer packaged goods industry is headed in 2013.» 0 Comments
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