• Permissions Pendiing
    In her closing remarks on the opening Big Data/Marketers panel at OMMA DDM, Axciom's Nada Stirrat pointed out that the company currently has "1,600 data points on 17 million consumers around the world." With permissions like that, who needs patents?
  • Are Consumers Creeped Out By Big Data?
    How comfortable are consumers with providing all this data exploited by marketers? Nada Stirrit, CRO, at Acxciom, said that if a marketer appears to be creepy or too aggressive or simply send the wrong message, you don’t have a second opportunity to correct that impression. Speaking at OMMA Data-Driven Marketing, she said she expects there to be a lot more focus on consumer control in the coming year. Jessica Kernan of Rapp emphasized the importance of providing utility—services that make people’s lives easier—in return for their data. She ...
  • 'Permissions Are The New Patents'
    I'm pretty sure that's what I heard, and I think it was Nada Stirrat, EVP-Chief Revenue Officer of Axciom, who said it as a I was meandering through the crowd in the back of the room at OMMA DDM this morning. It's a great line, whoever said it on the "Big Data and the Modern Brand Marketer" panel being moderated by Activate Founder Michael Wolf, and extremely apt is this era of "Big Data," and bigger concerns over consumer data privacy. By extension, it means the most valuable intellectual properties today are not registered with the government, but with consumers ...
  • Reaching Consumers Between Schenectady And Beverly Hills
    Going by the personal information that consumers provide marketers, the vast majority of Americans live in Schenectady, New York or Beverly Hills, California. That's because they most often offer 12345 or 90210 as their zip codes, according to Nada Stirrat, EVP and CRO of data broker Acxiom. More than a fun fact, Stirrat just shared the insight with OMMA DDB attendees to illustrate the challenges that still face marketers' geo-targeting efforts. The goal of most marketers, therefore, is to more accurately marry consumer profiles to where they actually are in the world, said Michael Stoeckel, head of ad opperations of ...
  • Initial Data Collection Point Is Vital
    Jocelyn Cripps, EVP, global B2C marketing, Financial Times, said that she can't remember when FT wasn't completely dependent on behavioral data. Speaking on the "Big Data And The Modern Brand Marketer" at OMMA DDM this morning, Cripps said that data is "at the heart of everything" the company does.
  • Pepsi Merging Online, Offline Data To Boost Sales
    PepsiCo doesn’t sell any of its CPG brands directly online, but it’s trying to use Big Data to match online and offline information to boost sales. Speaking on a panel at the OMMA Data-Driven Marketing conference, Quinn Kilbury, Senior Brand Manager,Pepsi NEXT & Pepsi Innovation, at PepsiCo, said the company is trying to align online social and other data with its truck delivery routes to help drive foot traffic to some 50,000 stores nationwide. How does Pepsi find cola drinkers? Kilbury said it relies on loyalty card ...
  • Consumers Are Not "Ad Targets"
    At OMMA DDB, today, attendees shouldn't think of consumers as "ad targets," according to Michael Wolf, founder of consulting firm Activate, and formerly CEO of MTV. Rather, they should think about them as "people" -- people they can better understand to increase their chances of turning into customers, of course.
  • Thinking Of Data As A Natural Resource
    At OMMA DDM in IWNY this morning, 1-8000-Flowers President Chris McCann called data ithe next natural resource, he said. Some will have more than others. Some will be better equipped to handle it. But everyone will be seeking it.
  • 1-800-Flowers Taps Big Data On Relationships
    We’re at the very early stages of Big Data, according to Chris McCann, president, 1-800-Flowers.com. Keynoting OMMA Data-Driven Marketing on Thursday, McCann said the Big Data explosion can be used by businesses in many ways including reducing costs an enhancing productivity. For marketers, it can be used to grow the top line in two ways: finding new markets and deepen customer relationships. 1-800-Flowers does both.   To enhance customer relationships, one of the keys is to understand relationships between sender of flowers or gifts and the recipient, said McCann. Tapping into social data allows the company ...
  • 'Data Is The Next Natural Resource'
    Has the ad industry struck oil and perhaps they don't quite know how to process it? "We need to create the infrastructure to analyze data," Chris McCann, president of 1-800-flowers.com, told attendees at OMMA DDM. The company participated in a beta test with Affirm payment service, a startup from Max Levchin, PayPal cofounder.
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