• Rust-Oleum: Celebrating Real Instagrammable Transformations
    Rust-Oleum wanted to go beyond its core users to capture and inspire the next generation of DIYers. It saw how Millennials had grown up with social, where the things they post "have to be perfect."
  • Reaching Consumers At Their Most Receptive
    Pilgrim's Just Bare Chicken banks on being among the top results of searches for "fresh chicken." That's how it came to be sold on Amazon, in fact. And, said Laston Charriez, Head of Marketing, Pilgrims, it is expanding to Amazon Go.
  • Building the Data-Driven Digital Practice and Consumer Experience
    Speaking in a charming Venezuelan accent, Kinser said she has been asked about the brand's Super Bowl success, "How do you do it?" To which she responds, "How do you don't?"
  • The Endcap In The Living Room: The Home Shopping CPG Channel
    Ulli Haslacher is someone who puts her hands to use in the sale of a skin care product that she developed that uniquely takes into account a person's current climate.
  • Where First Party Data and Personalized CPG Marketing Meet
    You know how you go to a company to complain about a product only to see that stinky thing in an ad on your laptop over and over again? Infuriating, right? Well, Kraft Heinz has a plan in place to make sure it goes away for the near term.
  • Q&A: Learning From the DTCs: Flex and Test
    Hubble Contacts has been disrupting the industry now for nearly three years. Not only does it sell daily-use contacts at low prices, but it also sells its own competitors' contacts at low prices. Why would a start-up DTC brand do that?
  • Reframing a Brand: Expanding Without Alienating
    Snacks like chips are in 90% of U.S. households. But snacks like beef jerky are in only half of them. Jack Link's needed to get the other half to see the brand as a relevant snack low in sugar and calories and high in protein.
  • We Are Who We Said We Are: Authenticity In Commodity Businesses
    Hot on the heels of a panel discussion that involved animal nutrition, the Brand Insider Summit on Monday heard from ANOTHER marketer of animal nutrition, that being Land O' Lakes, which is more than a butter company and Brandon Miller, Digital Marketing Manager, set us all straight on that.
  • Branding in A Performance Era: Rethinking the CPG Media Mix
    It's not every day that you meet a marketer of chicken and horse feed so Monday's Brand Insider Summit certainly was different.
  • Pepsico's Media Transformation: Journey Towards Analytics Engine
    When an exec from PepsiCo started talking about understanding more about the brand's target consumers and its responsibility to act on that data, he summed it up by saying that it "isn't just about capturing the right people at the right time but what to do with them when you do. It reminded one of that old joke about a dog chasing a car. What is he going to do with it if he catches it?
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