• Leaders & Bleeders: History Has Strong Future, Cable News Needs Help
    In this month's Leaders & Bleeders, the History channel has remarkable success with the "Hatfields & McCoys," while cable news ratings are plummeting and, to borrow a line from Al Gore, the left hand may not know what the right one is doing at Fox News.
  • GM's Ewanick Serves Notice Last Call Coming For More Platforms
    "Our partners." That's how network executives consistently refer to their advertisers and vice versa. Never mind that the two sides might be clashing right now on whether an ad should carry a 6.25% or 6.5% price bump next fall. Once the upfront market is done, bet on marketers - yes, the ones who spent heavily - saying something like: "Our partners helped us craft a campaign with social media and Super Bowl spots that drove phenomenal results." Unless it's Joel Ewanick. The General Motors CMO might get a cool reception from one side of the room if the annual "Buyer-Seller …
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