• Sony Executive Offers Advice And Predictions
    Brian Siegel, the vice president of television for Sony Electronics, can't control what flows through a TV set. But, he never stops working to make the hits (and bombs) look more appealing. The executive offers some thoughts on purchasing a TV now -- yes, more than just ask for a Sony -- and what could be coming later.
  • Apple TV Box Would Be Surprising
    With just the scent of a new initiative, Apple can fascinate people throughout the entertainment business. It's remarkable. So, of course, the Wall Street Journal report that the company is talking with cable operators about a set-top-box had lots of industry buzz Thursday. With speculation Apple would launch a standalone TV set in 2013, it would be a surprise.
  • Univision Self-Serving With Presidential Debate Lobbying
    Univision CEO Randy Falco has taken up a noble cause. So why turn it into a self-serving publicity maneuver? Why not act like a confident leader?
  • HuffPost Live Needs Prominent Smart TV App
    For the just-launched HuffPost Live, long-term success hinges on its online traffic, but landing a premium spot as a smart TV app could also be key. In fact, for all online video purveyors, having both distribution avenues could be critical going forward. But getting a spot on the smart TV marquee through negotiations involving the Samsungs, Sonys and Rokus will be no easy task
  • Olympics Post Royal Ratings in Britain
    The Olympics proved to be a ratings king in Britain with a surge in national pride helping the BBC post huge viewership. Figures show 90% of the U.K. population (51.9 million) watched at least 15 minutes of the London Games on a TV platform.
  • WWE Continues To Impress As It Faces Brutal Opponent
    The WWE truly is one of the most resilient brands in American entertainment. Every time it looks to be headed for a prolonged decline, it meets the challenge. Steroid allegations, the rise of the UFC, questions about how many more interesting storylines it can manufacture? Nothing seems to get in its way. Except maybe cable operators.
  • New NFL Blackout Option Not Having Much Effect
    A tragedy has descended once again on the poor citizens of Buffalo. Another manufacturer isn't leaving town or a load of residents aren't picking up and moving to North Carolina at once (that will probably continue gradually), but the Bills game tonight will not be broadcast live.
  • Advertisers Might Consider Targeting Seniors
    A new USA Today poll indicates seniors 60-plus are generally happy and doing relatively well, which suggests advertisers might have some disposable income to go after. If Harley-Davidson might not line up to test their consumer confidence, other categories might join Big Pharma in trying to reach them.
  • IOC Shocks With No In-Stadium Corporate Logos
    It's an utter shocker that the Olympic events have no marketing logos visible during the action. Yes, it may be the only instance where the International Olympic Committee is leaving money on the table.
  • Swimming And Track Make Olympic Coverage Exhilarating
    It's difficult to reach a sweeping conclusion about which Olympic sports provide the best viewing experience. It's hard to make a case against swimming and track, which is a validation of NBC's reliance on them.
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