• Carey's Aereo Comments Continue To Reverberate
    Would Chase Carey take it back if he could? Certainly, as one of the smartest media executives around with impressive tenures at DirecTV and News Corp., he doesn't need any advice from the media. But, in retrospect, he might have been better off cutting his April comments about Aereo short. The suggestion he made - that Fox could move to pay-TV distribution -- has brought potentially troubling interest on Capitol Hill and may have only helped the enemy Carey and colleagues would like to quash.
  • Social Media Impact On Ad Engagement Might Be Counterintuitive
    Creative types who are lamenting DVRs neutering their ads may have a new challenge on their hands: social media. How are they going to get millennials who are watching TV with their heads buried in Facebook and Twitter to pay more attention to their spots?
  • Guest Commentary: Jarvis Says Opportunity For Multiple Measurement Companies
    In response to a recent TVBlog titled "Nielsen Poised To Win Online Measurement Derby," industry researcher Tony Jarvis says suggestions a single measurement company will provide data that forms the currency for multiple platforms are misguided. Jarvis, who runs Olympic Media Consultancy and has worked with the likes of P&G and GlaxoSmithKline on the agency side, argues that in the online space, it is "imperative" that comScore "wins," though competition from Nielsen can help spur innovation.
  • CBS' Poltrack Backs Nielsen-Arbitron Deal
    When a company is eager for FTC approval of a proposed acquisition, it's a relief when a leading customer comes out in favor of it. Nielsen has to take heart from CBS's top researcher David Poltrack supporting its proposed purchase of Arbitron.
  • ABC's Wang Says TV, Digtal Buying Need More Integration
    As head of sales at ABC, Geri Wang has considerable visibility into operations at the largest media agencies and she's frustrated by the adaption rate. From her perspective, integration between the TV and digital-video operations remains lumpy, and it's hindering ABC's efforts to speed cross-platform sales.
  • McCain Should Challenge Programmers To Put Money Where Mouths Are
    Members of Congress often push legislation that has wide appeal to consumers, but is unlikely to pass. It can be an easy way to gain some favorability points. Which is surely what Arizona Sen. John McCain is seeking with a bill looking to usher in a la carte pricing for cable channels.
  • Digital Video In The Upfront And More From The Buy Side
    A group of agency executives held a gathering in Manhattan on Thursday with Topic A the ongoing upfront. They didn't give away their strategies, but authored compelling conversation nonetheless about the market and a range of other topics. Among them: programmatic buying, branded content and Vine as a fruitful ad platform.
  • Comcast Should Be Advanced Advertising Barometer
    It could be that so-called advanced advertising will never fulfill its promise. That hardly means failure. Success metrics might be widespread. An increasing number of advertisers might use the new technologies and tout the results. But maybe the potential appears so ripe that expectations have gotten out of control - the promise might need recalibration.
  • Nielsen Poised To Win Online Measurement Derby
    The anti-Nielsen crusaders will likely be marginalized again. Those who accuse it of greedy, monopolistic activity and hoped it would lose a crucial round appear headed for a defeat. Nielsen is primed to emerge as the dominant currency provider in online measurement.
  • IRS Could Use A Reality Series
    The IRS needs some PR help. While that carries more urgency now, it could have been written just about any time during the agency's lifespan, which dates back to the 1860s. The Internal Revenue Service has an inherent image problem. Plain and simple: it takes money out of people's pockets. Congress decides how much, but the IRS is the address on the bills. How to make the agency appear more approachable and less robotic? Reality TV.
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