• Could Buffett Drive A Dish-DirecTV Combination?
    Could Berkshire Hathaway be angling for a say in consolidation in the TV distribution business? It's certainly intriguing to envision its CEO Warren Buffett inviting the leaders of the top satellite distributors to some hideaway on the Nebraska plains to urge them to merge.
  • NSA Matter Continues To Resonate In Media Appreciation
    Revelations that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been monitoring all kinds of communication has struck a chord with the American people at a deeper level than most recent would-be government chicanery has. Maybe another reason to think so? People actually are offering some praise for the media or at least appreciating its value.
  • Blackout May Be Hurting WCBS With Candidate Spending
    Considering Time Warner Cable serves a large chunk of New York City, it stands to reason the WCBS blackout would hurt the station's efforts to attract ad dollars in the heavily contested Big Apple mayor's race. And indeed, that appears to be the case with only one candidate having booked time covering any period during the darkness that started Aug. 2.
  • Contour Campaign Taking Shape For Cox
    A "Me" generation has emerged in TV. Millions of viewers have an extraordinary sense of entitlement with the thinking: I want it now, I want it easy, I want it everywhere and I want endless choices. Cable operators get it. It's in the consumer research. At least, that's what Cox Communications found prior to launching a product suite and accompanying brand it hopes will satisfy this feeling of birthright that seems to get stronger and stronger.
  • Obamacare Could Be Boon To Local TV
    Perry Sook, the chief of the Nexstar station group, appears to be a Republican. Or, maybe he's just a fan of GOP candidates, having contributed to the Mitt Romney and John McCain campaigns for the White House, the Federal Election Commission says. Of course, Romney spent a lot of 2012 advocating against Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in his presidential run, while McCain wants to repeal it as he remains in the senate. No word on whether Sook backs the ACA or not. But local TV executives have a way of putting politics aside when political or issue-oriented …
  • Rentrak Deal Offers Juice For Set-Top-Box Data Advocates
    Advertisers questing after more set-top-box (STB) data with Nielsen partly reversing a decision to use the detailed information look to have some fuel thanks to a new deal between Rentrak and DirecTV. The arrangement will give Rentrak access to second-by-second data from 1 million DirecTV homes to meld into its measurement products.
  • Blackouts Impact On Ratings Takes Guesswork
    If the Time Warner Cable blackout is hurting CBS, there is at least one figure offering striking contrary evidence. By one measure, household prime-time ratings on Tuesday in the New York market were down a mere 2%. After that, though, things aren't nearly as rosy.
  • RNC Opposition To Hillary Programming Curious
    If he carries through with the threat, it sure seems as if Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus would be shooting his party in the foot. Priebus feels upcoming programming about Hillary Clinton on CNN and NBC will amount to hagiography and an electoral advantage, but he's being shortsighted on multiple levels.
  • D-Day Might Be Coming For Dish, ESPN
    ESPN distribution executives may be thinking thank heavens for football. Of course, there's the annual excitement with the prospect of big ratings from the NFL and a massive schedule of college games. But this year, the benefit may stretch into the distribution realm.
  • DirecTV Considering An Operation End Retrans
    Based on when this is read, Time Warner Cable and CBS may have settled their fee battle. Or, be in the midst of station blackouts. Or, have agreed to keep kicking the can down the road.
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