• Dear Publicists, Your Profession Is In Crisis
    If "Communications" (with a capital "C") is supposed to be a profession, then it's amateur hour in some sectors of the publicity business.
  • 'New Celebrity Apprentice' Shaping Up As Oddest Show Of The New Year
    "The New Celebrity Apprentice" is shaping up to be an oddity unique in the annals of television. At the very least, it is emerging as the most peculiar new-show premiere of the new year.
  • Slice O' Life: PBS Series Investigates Mystery Of Van Gogh's Ear
    Until this new episode of the PBS series "Secrets of the Dead" came along, the story of Vincent van Gogh's severed ear didn't seem all that mysterious.
  • Flaws Are Meaningless In A Show As Likable As Fox's 'Star'
    New Fox drama "Star" traffics occasionally in gratuitous violence and vulgarity, and relies on a storyline with wide plausibility gaps. And yet 'Star' has "hit" written all over it.
  • 'Project Runway': TV's Relentless Engine Of Commerce
    Week after week, "Project Runway" accommodates a mind-boggling array of in-show sponsorships that is breathtaking to behold.
  • Rumor Or Fake News? Parsing The Stories About Corden Replacing Colbert
    A story on the "New York Post" Web site Thursday morning carried the headline " 'Late Show' checks out LA locations amid Corden takeover rumors."
  • Ho-Hum: Tina Fey Tells Letterman TV Is Better Than The Movies
    "TV's better than movies," Fey said in an interview with David Letterman. "Everybody knows it," said Fey, who has worked in movies and TV, but apparently favors the latter.
  • NBC's New Tradition Of December Musicals Continues With 'Hairspray'
    Does "Hairspray" have what it takes to topple "The Sound of Music"? That has become the eternal question every December as NBC prepares to mount another musical with the word "Live!" attached to the title.
  • Beer And Sausages: Predictable Stereotypes Derail Conan's Berlin Special
    Sausages, beer, kinky sex and folk-dancing in lederhosen are the predictable subjects Conan O'Brien takes up in his latest travel special, "Conan Without Borders: Berlin."
  • New TruTV Tagline Tells Simple Truth About Its Programming
    Finally, a cable network has come up with a promotional tagline that makes sense. The network is TruTV, and the tagline the network announced Thursday is: "Funny because it's tru."
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