• Programmatic TV Is Coming, Thanks To The Millennials
    With television under more pressure by digital marketers to enter the modern era, Channel 4's announcement of programmatic coming to All4 next year is huge, particularly given its strong presence in the millennials market.
  • Social Is Where Ambush Marketers Lurk Today, Not Outdoor, Rugby World Cup Organisers Will Discover
    The Rugby World Cup organisers had little choice other than to block out outdoor advertising around the stadia in next year's competition. The trouble is that if football is anything to go by, the game has moved on. Ambush marketing is now all about social.
  • Unilever Shows Twitter's Biz Stone Was Right - Philanthropy Is The New Marketing
    Last night Unilever broke with tradition and instead of advertising one of its brands, showcased its work of offering a platform to inspirational young people campaigning against hunger. It proved Biz Stone's prediction that philanthropy is the new marketing.
  • Discovering The Next Google Will Put The Fizz Back In Coke
    People are drinking fewer fizzy sugary drinks, and so it makes perfect sense for Coca-Cola to be going out there looking for the next Google.
  • Emotion Is Everything - Just Ask John Lewis (And Monty)
    Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how you care. Just ask John Lewis, the brand that above all others knows that the greatest success in the digital era comes from the timeless pursuit of creating emotional connections with customers.
  • Could Paid Social Help Authorities Combat The Threat Of Terror Recruits?
    If the British and U.S. authorities want the social giants to do more in the fight against terror, might they not consider using the data those social giants have to reach out with sponsored messages intended to prevent vulnerable people turning to terror? If social is the problem, could it not be a part of the solutions also?
  • Data And Storytelling: The Bedrocks Behind Publicis' Purchase of Sapient
    Publicis is moving on from what might have been last year to what will now definitely be -- a huge investment in the data and storytelling capabilities of a highly respected digital agency. It's a bold move which has met the group's 50:50 digital revenue split target three years ahead of schedule.
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