• Programmatic Transparency Needs To Be Fixed -- And Fast
    Advertisers are putting more budget into programmatic at the same time that they report not really trusting the process or their agency. So while tackling viewability and fraud is important, the biggest problem that needs to be fixed is clearly transparency.
  • Fine The Cold Call Rogues, Not The Companies They Hide Behind
    Tightening up cold-calling laws is welcome, but until UK company law changes, rogues will just amass larger fines one day and then launch under a new name the next. For it to work, it's the perpetrators who must be fined -- not the disposable companies they hide behind.
  • Brand Safety - The Big Guys Get It, Why Not The Independents?
    Brand safety will be the focus of today's IAB seminar as it is announced that by the end of the year, 80% to 90% of display will pass through certified operators. The majority of the big players are there -- but why only one independent trading desk?
  • Is The 'New Norm' Both Affordable Luxury Moments And Deflation? If So, What Next For Brands?
    Economies are recovering -- and so people should feel able to splash out on luxuries. Trouble is, discounters are pushing down food and FMCG basket values, and so as Starbucks and McDonald's push a premium message, we just might find out what exactly this "new norm" is and what it means for brands.
  • Trust The Data And Ditch The Cult Of The Millennials
    Trust the data -- it won't lie about millennials, and it won't assume they are all the same because they were born within two decades of one another. The data will reveal behaviour you can market around, and the endless millennials research papers will show you how only consultants can unravel the mind of anyone under 34.
  • Digital And Traditional Parity Is Due To Digital Growth, Not TV's Imaginary Decline
    As the UK leads the world by hitting an equilibrium between digital and traditional advertising spend, it's worth noting that digital's more rapid growth is the root cause, not an exit from television.
  • Programmatic And RTB Are Now Mainstream -- Just Ask Publicis
    Moving RTB-buying experts out of its specialist technology developer, VivaKi and in to its media agencies show that Publicis understands that RTB and programmatic have broken out of the lab and become core to everyday media.
  • It's Digital, Jim - Just Not As We Knew It
    Native has become the latest channel to be not quite what it was sometimes sold as. The same could be said for social, search and display.
  • Alcohol-Free 'Beer For The Millennials' Could Be A Drinker's E-Cigarette In The Waiting
    If alcohol-free beers really are set to get better, San Miguel could be toasting a great success with its latest launches, particularly among the health-conscious and millennials who haven't got a firm perception yet of what beer should taste of.
  • How Many Kids' Kits Will GBP5bn Buy? Premier League Must Learn Marketing Is Now Philanthropy.
    If the future of marketing really is all about philanthropy, then the Premier League needs a total rethink in how it builds a brand image in the modern age. Announcing GBP5bn deals is one thing, communicating how that impacts grassroots football is quite another.
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