• Is The Writing On The Wall For Zuckerberg - Like Sorrell?
    A business and its leader can fail -- right up to when their stock price nosedives. A midweek report revealed flat user growth, too low to get near Wall Street expectations. Then the books were reset for the worst single-day performance of a stock on record. It is the first time a company has ever lost more than $100bn in one day.
  • Ads.txt Protects Three In Four Video Ads At 'The Guardian'
    Ever wondered what would happen if you turned ads.txt off? "The Guardian" did. The results were alarming.
  • Are London's Cabbies Really Going To Sue Uber For A Billion Pounds?
    If so, under what grounds? Today's leak looks like a warning shot rather than a full legal battle.
  • Public Are Right To Side With Sir Cliff Richard Against The BBC
    The British public has got this privacy case right -- the British press is wrong.
  • We Have A Floor For Viewability -- Do We Need A Ceiling Too?
    As we move toward meaningful time-in-view metrics, we may need a maximum as well as a minimum metric.
  • 96% Of Marketers Show Why Influencer Marketing Needs Cleaning Up
    65% of advertisers will invest more in the channel this year, yet 96% fear they are buying fake followers.
  • UK Streamers Overtake Pay Services, Expect TV Ad Spending To Suffer
    The UK has reached a tipping point and TV ad revenues could be the first victim.
  • Was Trump Right: 'Tax Lady' Effectively Makes Google A New EU Member State
    He quipped the EU's Competition Commissioner was the "tax lady". He may just have a point.
  • Time Is Key To Switching Adland's Focus From Hygiene To Effectiveness
    The conversation is set to change from technicalities to effectiveness. Time exposed is the key.
  • Magazines Kick Off Bid To Fight The Death Of Print
    Like the newspaper industry, consumer mags are fighting to show not all content is created equal.
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