• Coca-Cola Must Keep Costa 'Good Guy' Brand Image To Divest From Fizzy Drinks
    All it needs is a lick of paint and a new owner that carries on paying its full and fair share of UK tax.
  • Amazon's Sports Streaming Debut Is Better Than Angry Reviewers Claim
    US Open coverage could improve, but one-star reviews of Amazon's first foray into UK sports rights are unfair.
  • Don't Write Off The Holding Companies Just Yet
    Transparency is arriving and reform is happening, one media review at a time.
  • UK Consumers Not Feeling The GDPR Benefit
    It was supposed to improve brands' relationships with customers, but two in three have noticed no difference.
  • Did Jeremy Corbyn Just 'Invent' The BBC In His Latest Crazed Media Plans?
    The opposition leader's latest mad scheme is to create the BDC. It's the BBC, but with a letter changed.
  • What Part Of Free Google And Facebook Traffic Does Corbyn Not Get?
    Sure, US tech giants need to be taxed better. But don't they send millions of viewers to UK news sites?
  • Did The UK Telcos Just Throw In The Towel On Mobile Marketing?
    At least O2's Weve has. The network, once owned by what was then three big players, has folded.
  • Compulsory Arbitration Will Restore Faith In The Press
    IPSO making arbitration compulsory has to be good news for readers and titles alike.
  • Is Influencer Marketing Actually Working For Anyone?
    The CMA is investigating influencers in the UK over lack of #ad transparency that insults brands and audiences.
  • Did Ad Blocking Just Flip From Protection Racket To Mobile Marketing Saviour?
    Publishing acceptable mobile ad formats is a win-win from the former bete noir of publishing.
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