• Adland Must Brace For Arrival Of 'As A Service' Transparency
    Transparency and media planning via AI? The future could be arriving sooner than you think.
  • Was Apple Dumb Enough To Think They'd Get Away With It?
    Paying way less than 1% tax on profits must have always seemed too good a deal, surely.
  • Social Media Influencer Cheats Feel The Long Arm Of.... The Postman
    A letter! Is that all you get nowadays for misleading millions of people in social media? How about an apology?
  • Marketing Metrics Must Speak The Language Of Business
    Brand engagement measurement is still seen as crucial by marketers, but it needs to be converted into business language to mean something.
  • Facebook Starts Ad Tech Arms Race With Ad-Blocking Racketeers
    While Google paid the racketeers, Facebook is vowing to take on the blockers who have vowed retaliation. An ad tech arms race has begun.
  • Is Uber Really This Dumb And Arrogant?
    So just after the UK votes against mass migration, Uber asks Londoners to campaign against English skills for taxi drivers. Really?
  • Brand Britain Takes A Bashing From Brexit
    We say fair, they say nationalist -- how Brand Britain's shine is being lost since the Brexit vote.
  • Stand Easy, Marketers -- Digital Detox Is Just Hot Air
    Digital marketers have nothing to fear as one in three pretend to be on a digital detox.
  • Are You Ready For Olympic Brand Jacking?
    Rio will be a content marketing bonanza, and now that the rules are relaxed, the race is on to get as close to Rio as possible without getting burned.
  • How Do You Solve A Viewability Problem Like Success?
    Takeover campaigns are all the rage, but they have been throwing up huge viewability issues that the IAB is looking to fix.
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