• Government In Health Marketing Plan That Works Shocker!
    The headlines are about to get personal and nasty, but remember this -- the government has been trying to get people to switch from cola to water for the past five years. You may not believe it, but guess what -- it has actually worked.
  • Digital Media Owners Should Stop Moaning. The EU Is A Single Market
    The British digital media industry is said to be up in arms over EU plans to implement a single market. Considering that a single market is what the EU is, the complaints of media owners who have treated citizens like mugs for too long should be ignored.
  • How Can Radio Stations Double In Number While Radio Revenues Wane?
    Sir Richard Branson is back! Virgin Radio will be one of fourteen new digital radio stations airing next spring, but amid the excitement, has anyone stopped to ask why we're doubling the number of digital, commercial radio stations when revenue is on the wane?
  • Dear Sir Martin Sorrell - The Transparency Needed in Advertising Isn't In Financial Reporting, It's In Agency Bills
    When Martin Sorrell claimed the industry needs transparency, you can imagine how many clients would agree, only to hear he meant in financial reporting. Many may suggest that he looks at the industry's real transparency crisis -- huge bills where as much as half can go on click fraud and fees.
  • I'm Bad, You're Bad -- How About An Agency-Brand Amnesty?
    Nothing has been done about viewability in display campaigns until very recently -- and auditors and whistleblowers have revealed that up to half of what an agency pays for disappears in click fraud and fees. How about coming clean -- what about an amnesty?
  • Agencies And Networks Should Lead The Click Fraud Fight -- Stop Saying It's Up To All Of Us
    When agencies and their trading desks' bills can include up to 50% in fees and click fraud, how can cleaning up fraud really be everyone's responsibility? Come on, trading desks and ad networks -- time to step up to the plate and stop clients from being ripped off?
  • Programmatic's 'Race To The Bottom' -- Publishers' Fight Back Begins
    Publishers appear to be fighting back against programmatic's "race to the bottom" with a platform that makes perfect sense for them as well, as brands have found that cheap CPMs are not always a great value.
  • Chat To Your CIO About Customer Data Security Or Face A 100m Euro Fine -- The Choice Is Yours
    As marketers plan for the year of the Data Management Platform, it's worth keeping in mind the security they will need to get right. Failure to do so and 100m Euro fines could be on their way.
  • Has The Government Seen The Light On Local Media?
    Has the Government finally seen the light on local media? A tax relief consultation process and the possibility of sharing BBC stories has to make a lot more sense than funding television stations that nobody wants or watches.
  • Is This The Start Of Programmatic TV?
    The "i" newspaper tv ad changes to fit in with the news topic of the day. It's an impressive step, but could it be more important for what it may be heralding -- the first steps toward programmatic tv?
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