• Viewability Holds Up As Programmatic Goes Up
    The UK treads water on viewability, but with four-fifths of display traded programmatically, that is not so bad.
  • Social Is Social, Messaging Is Personal, Right?
    Researchers are suggesting WhatsApp is apt for World Cup engagement. But they're wrong, right?
  • Programmatic Is Closing The Fraud And Safety Gap On Direct Buying
    Video engagement is on the upswing too, according to Integral Ad Science.
  • Did Facebook Put Off An Ad Boycott With Mere GDPR Compliance?
    The concessions Facebook has made to ISBA are surely just measures it needs to take by May 25th anyway?
  • UK Brands Are Really Considering #DeleteFacebook
    A repeat of the YouTube action of last year is being discussed to teach Facebook a privacy lesson.
  • US Tech Giants Have Brought A 3% Sales Tax On Themselves
    Years of avoiding their fair share of tax means a 3% sales tax is a necessary last alternative.
  • GDPR And Facebook: We Can Fight Back To Control Our Data
    Apps, like those used by Cambridge Analytica, harvest our personal data -- but we can fight back with GDPR.
  • Facebook Let In, Regulator Shut Out: The Real Cambridge Analytica Issue
    While Facebook is inside Cambridge Analytica's London offices, the regulator is still waiting for a writ.
  • How Challenger Brands Can Help FMCGs Get Their Mojo Back
    Stuck in a rut? There's a challenger brand that might have the answer.
  • Facebook Plays The UK And EU Like A Fiddle, Yet Again
    A promise not to share WhatsApp data will last until consumers just click"'ok" again.
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