• A Month On And GDPR Really Is A Damp Squib
    GDPR complaints about data rights that we already had are said to be soaring -- but the numbers are low.
  • World Cup Being Won By Builders, Betting, Beer And Ronaldo
    As England debuts on commercial tv tonight, second screeners show a love of beer, DIY, betting and Ronaldo.
  • GDPR Fallout -- Full Transparency Doesn't Pay With Cautious Consumers
    If it's spelt out whom data will be shared with, only 10% of ad partners will get a "yes."
  • JFK Unsilenced Shows Consultancies Can Marry Creative And Data
    The Cannes award shows creative and data can work together -- and consultancies might be the facilitator.
  • Is Uber About To Have Its 'Uber Moment'?
    Brash doesn't cut it in the UK, so Uber will show today that progress comes from apologising and making it better.
  • 500 Million Reasons To Give Netflix The Thumbs Down
    Crazy EU accounting rules allow Netflix to pay no UK corporation tax, and get a rebate instead.
  • UK Newspapers Take The Fight To Google And Facebook
    The Ozone Project will line up alongside Reach and 1XL as papers combine to take on the duopoly.
  • Brexit? What Brexit? GroupM Declares UK Fastest-Growing Global Ad Market
    GroupM figures say the UK is the fastest-growing mature advertising market and will hit GBP20bn as Brexit happens.
  • Unilever's Keith Weed Is Right To Call Time On Crooked Influencers
    When research shows that up to nearly three in four ad dollars can go on fake users, it's time to act.
  • Did NAFTA Just Save FIFA And The World Cup?
    An organisation fighting corruption and questionable hosts finds a 2026 saviour in the US, Canada and Mexico.
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