• 2019: Revenge On The Nerds
    With new taxes, new employment obligations and closer data scrutiny, 2019 will look very different for tech giants.
  • Can Uber Survive As An Employer?
    Can the gig economy giants Uber and Deliveroo carry on as low-priced disruptors now that they have to employ people?
  • GBP4bn Charge On Loyalty -- Are Brands This Dumb On CRM?
    Brits are paying GB4bn for not switching and remaining loyal. Why would brands treat us this way?
  • Et Tu, Ecommerce?
    Asos shares plummet 40% on poor growth news as the ecommerce giant admits that ad spend cuts were unwise.
  • Time To Ditch The Chatbots?
    Half of us find them annoying and three in four agree they are impersonal, yet 80% of CMOs are rolling them out.
  • More Creativity, No Stereotypes -- Adland's Got New Rules
    The tired gender stereotypes in ads are banned -- time for creatives to get creative.
  • Is OTT The Future? Eleven Sports' Struggle Suggests Not
    Eleven Sports is struggling with distribution and low user numbers. Proof that OTT's appeal is exaggerated?
  • Apes, Bears Or Pianos? Adland Can't Even Agree On Christmas
    Viewers either love "Rang-Tan" and Sir Elton, or they are way down the Christmas top ad list. It depends whom you ask.
  • May's U-Turn On Facebook -- And Europe Too
    The Government spends GBP100k on the site it vilifies as adland's wish of a "People's Vote" inches nearer.
  • Unicorn? Reality Suggests Not, As Blippar Struggles
    Cool app, but the so-called "unicorn" has been losing money six times faster than it can make it.
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