• Consolidation And Project Pricing -- Two Trends To Reshape Adland In 2017
    Consolidation will reshape adland in the year ahead as procurement reduces everything to cost -- and the only antidote is project-based work, which takes endless resources for small agencies, fuelling even more consolidation.
  • Why ITV Is Unlikely To Fill TV's Void As 'Bake Off' Heads To C4
    The BBC owned television viewing in 2016 -- but as Bake Off goes to Channel 4, tv executives will either be praying that viewers follow or that a vacuum is filled by more of the same underperforming shows from ITV.
  • EU Flexing Its Privacy Muscles Right Up Until Brexit -- Thank Goodness
    As the British Government faces a humiliating climb down at the hands of a campaign run by its now Brexit Minister and Facebook faces a huge fine, one thing is clear. The EU will enforce privacy rules all the way right up to Brexit.
  • Rigging And Transparency -- Brands Are Just Reaping What They Sow
    The real victim in all this has been the small agencies. They are innocent bystanders as brands force WPP, Interpublic, Omnicom and Publicis Groupe to slash media costs and then find margins elsewhere.
  • No 'Sweetheart' Deal? Pull The Other One, Apple And Ireland
    So Apple was attracted to Ireland for its 12.5% corporation tax, yet pays only 1% anyway? Why bother, unless there's a "sweetheart" deal in there somewhere?
  • Amazon Drone Trials Are More Hot Air Than Prime Air
    As the UK trial begins, important questions must be asked. Is there any point in drones that are restricted to half-hour flights and that people are unlikely to pay extra for, unless they're going to steal it?
  • Roll Up Brands -- Waste Half Your Budget On The Wrong Audience, Then Halve It Again On Viewability
    Nobody comes out of the latest Nielsen research with flying colours. Advertisers are only hitting their intended targets half the time. Then, if you factor in viewability, could brands be throwing away another half?
  • Does YouTube Love TV Because Mobile Loves Facebook?
    As YouTube drops the attitude to court tv execs, is its shift to the big screen a sign that Facebook is increasingly beginning to own mobile video?
  • Newspapers Have Made This Bed -- Shouldn't They Sleep In It?
    As newspapers look to digital for growth, can they really complain about people discovering their articles through Google and Facebook -- exactly as they intended?
  • Wearables, The Christmas Fad That Will Disappear Again For Another Year
    As Apple Watch sales tank and Pebble sells to Fitbit, it's clear that too many people have been making too many wearables for too few customers. Christmas will always see a lift before normality returns.
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