• Are Uber And Deliveroo Building Gig Economy Castles In The Air?
    If you don't actually own anything and the authorities might have an employment surprise for you, are you sitting pretty?
  • Digital Media Forces Consumers To Drop Faith In Brands
    The research results are in -- and it's not good reading. Consumers just don't trust brands, let alone their ads.
  • Europe's Moral Compass Is Turning Against Facebook And Google
    Overpaid, under-taxed and over here. US tech giants are starting to feel the pendulum swing against them.
  • EU To Google -- Stop Doing Evil!
    The record $2.7bn fine is finally announced, but one has to wonder whether Google is the one that has come out ahead.
  • Voice Search Makes Mobile Context Key -- It's Position One, Or Nothing
    Voice search is mobile search -- and that means content and location are the key to the only spot that matters -- position number one.
  • Perfect Storm -- Brexit And Cost-Conscious Brands Slow Down Ad Growth
    Uncertainty and cost-cutting means there is still growth there -- but it's slowing down and heading into negative territory for tv.
  • Reviews Are Great For Ratings -- But What About Improving CX?
    Customer experience is now at the centre of marketing, yet brands only see ratings as the value of reviews, not an improvement list for CX.
  • Queen's Speech: No Trump, But Levies On Facebook And Google Get Green Light
    Parliament was opened today with a warning shot across the bows of the tech and social giants. A tougher regime awaits.
  • Are You Simple Enough To Ride The MCommerce Wave?
    Some 60% of Brits will buy on a smartphone this year as mcommerce gears up to overtake ecommerce in 2021. Are you simple enough to thrive?
  • Teens And Millennials Are Killing Off The Blogger With Vloggers And Netflix
    Teens and Millennials are moving away from the written word to use smartphones for both long- and short-form video.
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