• Agencies Bashed Again -- But Are Brands Blameless?
    It's all too easy to bash the agencies without asking the brands what they are doing about the problems they identify in research, yet fail to fix in the office.
  • Why The End Could Be Nigh(ish) For Display
    Forrester's sensational latest report calls time on digital display due to quality issues and CMOs waking up to safer, more cost-effective alternatives.
  • Unilever CMO Is Right To Remind Brands To Take Responsibility Too
    It's too easy to blame an agency, so Keith Weed, Unilever CMO, reminds brands they have responsibilities too.
  • Manchester Attack: Social Media Shines Brighter On Helpers Than Fakers
    A horrific attack purposefully intended to kill as many children as possible allows social media's community spirit to shine brighter than attention-seeking fakers.
  • Unilever Shows Brand Meaning Is Vital, But So Is Usefulness
    Brand meaning fits sustainability perfectly -- just look at Unilever. But what about being useful? We may all be less altruistic than we claim.
  • Social Media And Messaging Giants Will Feel PM's Wrath
    A small section of the Conservatives' manifesto calls out social and messaging giants. If the PM is re-elected, a new levy will make them pay to clear up "Internet harms."
  • UK Media Wins A Huge Victory -- No Leveson 2.0
    The Tories blinked first. If Theresa May wins there will be no further media investigation -- no more punishment for not accepting Royal Charter regulation.
  • Mobile App Shopping Is DOA -- We'd Rather Chat And Post
    It's not what digital marketers want to hear, but app-based mcommerce is just not happening en masse. We chat, we post, we watch -- but we don't shop in apps
  • Social Media Personas -- Challenger Or Incumbent? Tory Or Labour?
    Social media marketers will find they can learn from the election as we see the classic challenger vs incumbent messaging strategies take shape.
  • Political Bias? Why Are We So Keen To Bash The Media?
    Brits love to bash the media, but in a two-horse race, is it any wonder the main contenders are getting most of the attention?
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