• Are We Over-Egging Better Sales Apps As New Experiences?
    Nobody has anything against smarter apps that serve us better. But aren't they basically better sales tools more than they are new customer experiences?
  • Big Brands Prepare To Disrupt Or Be Disrupted
    The great and good of digital marketing have taken to the stage in London to warn brands that if they don't disrupt themselves, someone will do it for them.
  • Is The Answer To KPI Disputes True Partnerships?
    The latest research shows that brand and agencies still disagree on metrics and KPIs. Could the answer be forming a real partnership?
  • Ryanair's CMO Is Right -- Brands Don't Need To Be Loved
    We all want to be loved, but is it necessary? The success of Ryanair, VW, Google, Facebook and Apple would suggest not always.
  • Why Clickbait Is Even Worse Than Fake News
    Facebook is tackling "fake news," but clickbait is the worst enemy. Skillfully crafted and designed to drive revenue, it litters social with headline lies and half-truths.
  • Dollars For Dimes -- Print's Demise Is Amazingly Fast
    A fifth of Trinity Mirror's print ad revenue was wiped off last year, and it's on course for the same fate this year. Anyone else alarmed by the suddenness of print's demise?
  • Google Or Blind Programmatic? Which Is The Brand Safety's Arch Villain?
    Brand image has shot into the headlines -- but if only one in four media buyers is confident on brand safety, surely blind programmatic is the bigger risk?
  • Viewability Is Mobile Marketing's Achilles Heel
    Hands up -- who wants to tell the CFO that growth in mobile marketing means you really have just wasted half the display budget?
  • Time Facebook And Google Accept They Are Publishers With Responsibilities
    Google and Facebook account for one-fifth of global advertising -- and will be brought to heel only if they accept their huge responsibility as the world's largest publishers.
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