• Is Murdoch Getting The Thumbs Up For News UK Job Cuts?
    Merging newsrooms at "The Times" and "The Sunday Times" will surely mean a large round of redundancies.
  • Forget Stereotypes - Male Viewers Are Setting New Records For Women's Football
    Thought the Lionesses were being roared on by women? Think again. Two in three viewers are male.
  • Digital Ad Reliance Paints A Bleak Future For Journalists
    Reporters believe shrinking newsrooms and low-quality output are huge issues for publishing.
  • Is Facebook Avoiding The Truth On Brexit And Russia?
    No evidence, Sir Nick claims. The British public is not so sure.
  • ICO Gives Adland Six Months To Go Straight On RTB
    The ICO has taken a look at RTB, and the industry has six months to become GDPR-compliant.
  • Influencer Marketing Laid Bare On 'Love Island'?
    Time to switch to micro influencers and look beyond "likes" and "followers" to focus on results?
  • Behind The Hype, Voice Is Shaping Up For Ecommerce Greatness
    The WFA has shown that the majority of us are happy to take brand suggestions from Alexa.
  • In-Housing Isn't Agencies' Biggest Challenge -- It's Growth
    Agencies may have feared the wrong enemy, as the new opportunity is being a partner for growth.
  • Is Facebook's Libra A Service Too Far For Regulators?
    Will it be trusted? And won't it come under close inspection from governments and central banks?
  • Brand Safety Issues Soar In Mobile Advertising
    As dollars flow to the new channel, the risk of ad fraud and brand safety issues rises too.
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