• Mobile Video Advertising Is Riding A High - But What About Brand Safety And Viewability?
    Mobile video advertising spending is trebling as new channels and inventory become available, so expect a Christmas rush followed by a New Year hangover when clients ask those tricky viewability and brand safety questions.
  • Publishers That Keep Hold Of Their Data Will Thrive In Programmatic - Just Ask Northern & Shell
    Northern & Shell is pointing the way ahead for publishers who need to keep control of data. Let it leak out to advertisers on the demand side, and trust me, you're doomed.
  • YouTube Subscription Hopes Need A 'Content Is King' Reality Check
    YouTube is hinting that the subscription model is still of interest. Other than its upcoming music service, I'd say they are going to seriously struggle now that content creators realise they are king and distributors are, well... distributors.
  • Why Visa Will Revolutionise How Marketers Drive Ecommerce And Footfall
    Visa's announcement of a cashback service linked to its cards next year will be a marketer's dream come true. Audiences can be highly targeted -- and consumers don't have to lift a finger to be reimbursed.
  • Retargeters: The Truth Is Out - We All Hate You
    It's the most annoying part of digital marketing. Look up a product and you're stalked around the Internet for days, and anyone using the computer can see what they're getting. Now research reveals just how much we all hate retargeting.
  • Twitter's Fabric Launch Is More Of A Play For Mobile Ad Budgets Than A Helping Hand To Developers
    Twitter's launch of Fabric is an interesting move, but before we get carried away, let's call it what it is -- an offer of some undoubtedly very useful tools in return for, hopefully, rolling out MoPub as the default mobile ad exchange on those new apps.
  • Programmatic Transparency And Fraud Issues Have Morphed. Solve Both Or You've Sold Neither
    Sir Martin Sorrell has reported he is "puzzled" by the transparency debate around programmatic -- but the real issue here is that unless the new technology solves the age-old problem of fraud, it will never be seen as transparent.
  • Social Marketers Move From Likes To 'Show Me The Money'
    Social is now a paid channel, and so savvy marketers are taking it upon themselves to justify budgets not just in terms of how many people like them but how positive sentiments can be turned into more direct marketing relationships, growth in audience, and ultimately, more sales.
  • Content Has Been King All Along, Its Creators Are Now Realising
    News that Time Warner is to launch HBO as a stand-alone, streaming digital service underscores the big development of 2014 - content is waking up to the fact that it has been king all along.
  • Dear RTB - Publishers Are Waking Up To The Value Of Their Data
    If content truly is king, then publishers hold the aces. The big takeaway from the MediaPost RTB event in London this week was that they're waking up to this -- and realising they need to trade through supply-side platforms and keep data very close to their chests. The days of a free data lunch are nearing an end.
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