• Why Twitter Is Doomed To Disappoint Wall Street
    Everyone can see what Facebook is doing to turn success, but what about Twitter? Too many broadcasters and not enough true listening must mean Wall Street will remain unhappy.
  • Millennials Are Not Cord-Cutting, They're Just Tuning In On Laptops
    The youth are slightly more likely than the average adult to watch conventional tv shows and movies -- it's just that they're doing so on laptops. Anyone else spot a targeting opportunity here?
  • Why It's Time Digital Display Got Creative, Like Digital Outdoors
    If just 9% of digital display is viewed for just a second, and a mere 4% for 2 seconds, researchers suggest it's time to get creative like digital outdoors.
  • Forget Who Owns Openreach --The Real Issue Is BT's Woeful Customer Service
    Rivals have not promised to roll out fibre sooner, so the big issue is an endless cycle of BT's awful customer service.
  • Ed Vaizey Is Right -- Ad Industry Needs To Be A Loud Voice In Our Brexit Fiasco
    Quietly doing well won't get the ad industry's need for access to the single market heard by the new minister, Matthew Hancock, replacing Ed Vaizey.
  • Dark Social: Emperor's New Clothes Or Huge Olympic Opportunity?
    Researchers are saying dark social will be a huge opportunity during the Olympics. But how does private sharing translate into wider opportunities?
  • Lord Save Us From The March Of The Procurement Accountants
    When is the last time an accountant filled a restaurant? So why should we allow them to tell us whom we should work with?
  • Why Would Any Brand Think Social Media Users Are Primarily Interested In Them?
    It's common sense, isn't it? Unless there's an offer or something else in it for them, social media users generally don't log on to hear from brands.
  • Are Transparency Audits The Panacea To Restore Advertiser And Agency Trust?
    Digital advertisers know they need to be more transparent, but will they go the full hog and have transparency audits, as ANA suggests?
  • A Spoonful Of Sugar Helps Millennial Media Go Down -- Just Ask Unilad
    Unilad is proof that a little "jock" humour can get Millennials engaging in serious news items and educational messages.
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