• Russian Twitter Bots Are Better For Headlines Than Winning Elections
    It is serious that Russia is using bots to swing elections, but we must question how much impact they have.
  • Mobile Gains And Print Pains
    If you're in magazines or local papers, the AA/Warc figures may be a wakeup call.
  • GDPR Will Be The New Y2K Problem -- Scare Stories, Then Nothing Happens
    WFA shows that 98% of brands are aware and working on it. Look away if you're expecting massive fines on May 25th.
  • IAB UK Shows Huge Mobile Growth As Direct Programmatic Hits Tipping Point
    Mobile hits 45% of all digital spend, while direct programmatic reaches 50% of all display traded.
  • Is Influencer Marketing Complicit In Fraud Of Up To 72%?
    That's how much budget Ritz-Carlton wasted in March on Instagram fake followers.
  • Viewability Hits A Record High -- Should We Be Bothered?
    Viewability hits a record high -- but could nine times higher engagement be waiting just below the fold?
  • GDPR Puts EU Ahead On Privacy -- Just Ask Facebook, CA And The WFA
    The World Federation of Advertisers and Facebook have this week shown how the GDPR is ahead of the data protection game.
  • Was Wetherspoon Right? Does Social Prove Its Worth Beyond Vanity Metrics?
    Only 4% of consumers are bothered by a brand's social presence. Was Wetherspoon right to go off grid?
  • Is TV Paying The Price For GDPR Compliance?
    Spend on traditional channels is down. Is it a long-term trend or a blip to pay for GDPR?
  • Publishers Get Just 40% Of Programmatic, Time For A More Direct Approach?
    The tech vendors involved in programmatic are vital, but they are leaving publishers just 40% of the cake.
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