• Unilever Reiterates Its Call For Transparency And Viewability -- Adland Must Take Note
    Unilever is stepping up to stand alongside P&G on transparency, and the FMCG giant reveals that it has been talking to other advertisers, agencies and Facebook and Google about how enough is now enough.
  • Has Ad Blocking Lost Its Shine? Let's Hope So
    With no money in blocking ads for free, Shine is now Rainbow -- and it wants to make money by selling data from the consumers it protects to the industry has been castigating. Good luck with that.
  • If TV Is So Dead, Why Are Online Companies Its Biggest Backers?
    Although it has been written off many times, tv's revenues are growing -- and its biggest backers are online-only companies. Time for a reality check?
  • Ad Blocking Steadies, But Publishers Must Stay Strong
    It would be nice to assume ad blocking has plateaued because ad-blocker users have seen the link between ads and free content. The truth is that it has held steady because publishers have become tougher.
  • Why Nestle, Unilever And Mondelez Are Going Direct -- And Why Supermarkets Need To Be Afraid
    Big FMCGs have a third option for growth in addition to cutting cost or going premium -- direct sales as the way to own the customer, their data and the whole sale.
  • The Truth About Brexit, The Economy And Confidence Social Media 'Luvvies' Can't Bear To Hear
    Consumers are concerned about Brexit, but right now UK employment is at a record high, inflation is low and wages are rising just above it. And we're about to go speed dating with the rest of the world!
  • The Mobile Web Is Quietly Killing Off Retail Apps
    They offer little that you can't get through the Web, so guess what? People aren't using them. Hence, one in three retailers don't have an app and focus on the mobile Web instead.
  • Brands Need To Stop Shafting Agencies -- Right Now
    Brands are the first to moan about transparency, but 90-day average payment terms and e-procurement races to the bottom are just plain nasty ways to carry on. They should know better.
  • Snapchat's Simple Float Question -- Will Millennials Learn To Be Loyal?
    As the go-to service for reaching Millennials, it's well placed against an older Facebook. But investors need to ask whether the audience it has had for a year or two will be more loyal than young audiences of the past.
  • Is Facebook Really Dumb Enough To Put Video Revenue Ahead Of User Experience?
    Putting ad metrics and revenue ahead of user experience, Facebook's auto play announcement has to be the most stupid of the year so far. Expect a consumer backlash soon.
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