• Could 'Insourcing' Bridge The Ad Tech Gulf Between Brands And Agencies?
    Marketing automation is prompting brands to rethink how they work with agencies. Could insourcing provide the answer?
  • Marketers Must Make CSR The New CRM
    The public is outraged by big business -- so why aren't marketers stepping forward and advertising how they do the right thing?
  • Did Programmatic And Video Just Kill Trust In Display?
    The ANA has proven what we all kind of knew -- ad fraud is crippling the industry and programmatic (and video!) are the new culprits on the block.
  • Adidas Should Follow The Stars, Leave Crooks Behind Bars
    Constant corruption issues are surely going to prompt sponsors to stick with stars rather than sports bodies.
  • Does Google Really Think We're That Stupid?
    GBP130m in backdated taxes it says it doesn't owe -- signs of a guilty Google conscience or the fact that public opinion is changing and politicians are acting on it?
  • Native Should Be Concerned About Google More Than The ASA
    Two lessons for native this week: the obvious one is clear labelling, the second is the "no follow" tag that avoids an SEO demotion.
  • Stop Tricks, Try Engaging - Telcos Get New ASA Rules
    Broadband providers face tighter ad regulations. Why do brands seeking engagement need to be told not to treat us like idiots?
  • Humanity Really Is The Killer App
    Appeal to people as humans rather than demographics and there are huge rewards -- just ask LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Hello Mobile Programmatic, Goodbye Sales Teams
    Apple's iAd won just 5% of the mobile market that it claimed it would share with Google. Sales teams are out, and programmatic is clearly in.
  • Is Google Swinging The Axe On Untagged Native Advertising?
    Experts are confused by Google's latest change, which has affected huge publishers. Could the answer lie in native advertising?
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