• Did P&G Just Call Out The Ad Industry? Transparency Or We Hit The Highway?
    "Murky" or "fraudulent" are strong terms that show how the media agency-and-client relationship has broken down as agencies find new ways to bump up fees. Would P&G be better off going it alone?
  • Ogilvy & Mather's Single P&L Move Will Lead The Way In Transparency
    A single accounting structure so brands have a clear view of what they're spending and sister agencies don't get involved in budget turf wars is the way forward for transparent agency and client relationships.
  • The Secret Reason Why Millennials Will Be Central To Post-Brexit 'Brand Britain'
    Millennials are proving more passionate about local just in time for the launch of post-Brexit "Brand Britain," but you may not notice unless you're part of a citywide local currency in Britain.
  • Get A Life, Don't Go Live
    Why did brands suddenly think their launches and conferences would attract a Facebook Live audience? When online video is going mobile-first, they're just boring anyone who is desperate enough to click to view.
  • Do Ad Blockers Have A Good Point? Are Digital Ads Just Too Untrustworthy?
    Google blocked twice as many bad ads last year as in 2015, and malicious "click to trick" detections were up six times. Have ad blockers been right all along about the industry?
  • Procurement Is A Protection Racket, Isn't It?
    If you're not sending in the money men, rivals will. Guess who gets the best deal then? That's the best reason to embrace procurement -- even if it sounds like a racket.
  • White House Is The Trump Card For UK In Brexit Talks -- We'll Just Swap BMWs For Fords
    Trump and May meet on Friday to talk trade and how to give Brussels something to think about. US and Commonwealth trade deals will be a real game-changer.
  • Black Friday Isn't The Appetiser -- It's The Cannibal That Eats Christmas
    The debate over whether Black Friday and Cyber Monday get people in the mood for Christmas or replace it is over. Official figures show that online sales peaked at the end of November and there was no December recovery.
  • Programmatic Is The Arch Villain In Digital Display's 50:50 Viewability Gamble
    Viewability is just 49% in the UK, and the industry likes to talk about the issue of new formats and longer pages -- but clearly the main issue is programmatic platforms spraying out ads to poorly performing sites.
  • Hard Brexit Poker Face Engaged As Adland Prays For Free Trade Deal
    Adland must hope the hard Brexit-or-nothing plan laid out yesterday is Theresa May's poker face and a free trade deal for the industry is still on the table.
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