• Are BuzzFeed And Red Bull Showing 'The Times' How To Do Media?
    In a big media day we have "The Times" shying away from rolling news as BuzzFeed embraces it and Red Bull Media House gets into bed with Reuters.
  • Are You Ready For An Ad-Free World?
    Viewability, fraud and ad blocking make now the time to get your brand ready for the native advertising revolution.
  • Blocking The Blockers -- Europe Turns The Screws On Digital Shoplifters
    Banning the blockers is the only way to defeat digital freeloaders, as the French and British press are beginning to find out.
  • Science Reveals What Makes A Memorable Ad (Hint -- It's Not A Call To Action)
    Neuroscientists have shown that memorable television ads are all about storytelling and great music. Cuddly animals, kids and calls to action take a back seat.
  • First Profits -- And Then A Very Ordinary Future Looms For Twitter
    Twitter is ten -- and everyone wonders what happens next. First profits this year and then a very ordinary future in Facebook's shadows, if you ask me.
  • Will TfL Finally Put The Digital In Digital Outdoor?
    Could outdoor finally be going more digital as Exterion Media and TfL agree to share risk and reward?
  • No Cord-Cutting Please, We're British
    As tv cords are cut globally, Brits are half as likely to consider such a drastic move -- because that's the wire bringing in all the good stuff.
  • Social Media Free Rides Over As Instagram And Twitter Copy Facebook
    Ordering pages by popularity rather than time will mean that brands will end up paying more to promote posts. The free social ride is (mostly) over.
  • Sharapova Shows Brands Have Developed Morals -- Next Stop Russian Rio Ban?
    The public demands that brands no longer turn a blind eye to cheating and corruption, as Sharapova will soon find. What does that mean for Russia and Rio?
  • Focus On Customers And Brand-Building, Not Tech And Headlines
    SXSW will have great tips, but conferences in London reminded marketers to focus on customers and strategy over tech.
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