• Forget Twitter Ads -- Politics' Social Problem Is Facebook Accountability
    Twitter ads are a drop in the ocean compared to the lack of political accountability on Facebook.
  • Adland Welcomes UK Election -- But Will It Give Brexit Clarity?
    Current thinking suggests we will just get another parliament, not a decisive route forward for Brexit.
  • UK Digital Ad Spend Soars, But What About The Brand Impact?
    Digital ad spend is soaring, but only a quarter of campaigns are measured for brand impact. What gives?
  • 'The Telegraph' Is Up For Sale, But For How Much?
    We predicted a 80% drop in profits would see big change for "The Telegraph." But how much is it now worth?
  • Will The BBC And TV Licence Survive Gen Z?
    Less than half of the Gen Z audience is regularly watching BBC tv, and Netflix penetration is more than twice as high as iPlayer.
  • Those 'Bad Boys' Won Brexit, But The Good Guys Are Winning Google
    Google is clear whom is to be trusted on Brexit -- and it isn't the traitor-screaming tabloids.
  • Duopoly Dealt A Winning Hand By Brexit And GDPR
    That is what the eMarketer researchers reckon is behind the duopoly hitting a 68.5% market share this year.
  • Facebook Can Fight Fake News -- What About Fake Politicians?
    Facebook claims to be ready for an election -- but will its fake news capability tackle half-truths and political lies?
  • Tech Firms And Consultancies Are Winning Digital Marketing
    Just take a look at Econsultancy's "Top 100" report -- only one holding company digital shop is in the top ten.
  • Porn Checks Dropped? Did The Govt Just Drop Its Online Harms Vow?
    It certainly chose a busy news week to drop age verification plans for porn sites.
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