• Day Of Reckoning For Google
    Google missed its forecast by a billion dollars as a massive EU fine and greater competition hit home.
  • Spotify's Music Success Shines A Light On Podcasts
    Podcast advertising is a great differentiator -- and a channel where ad spend is set to double.
  • From Duopoly To Trilogy -- Why Is Amazon Not Taken More Seriously?
    Amazon's rise is played down -- but it knows what customers bought, not just what they were looking for.
  • Cambridge Analytica 2.0? Is UK The New Star In 'Homeland'?
    A secretive Brexit campaign, an ICO investigation and possibly the next PM come together for this week's trailer.
  • Mobile Crowned King Of Digital Marketing
    Mobile now accounts for 51% of UK digital spend -- and video is still rocketing too.
  • MPs Probe Whether Facebook Has Brexit Questions To Answer
    Supposedly, independent political ads now appear to have been coordinated.
  • EU Tells Tech Giants To Stop Gaming Their Systems
    Internet sites now have to come clean on how they rank products and services and allow rivals to complain.
  • Budgets Are Up -- Can We Thank A Delay To Brexit?
    There's an upturn in spending as a hard Brexit is ruled out -- but it's only expected to last until the UK's future is clearer.
  • 'Link Tax' Copyright Directive Passes Final Hurdle
    There was no outbreak of common sense as the link tax Directive passed its final hurdle yesterday.
  • Bounty Fine Is A Privacy Warning To Brands
    Bounty was fined GBP400k for breaking DPA -- imagine what would happen under GDPR.
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