• Mobile Phones - Just A Connection Or More? Wallflower Vodafone Will Find Out
    As Vodafone sits out this round of courting and nuptials, we will all find out if we only expect just a signal or movies and sport from our connection. Ultimately, though, it's going to be quad play deals that win the day.
  • It's Time For Time To Replace Meaningless Click-Throughs
    Click-through rates and impressions are now effectively meaningless and so, as "The Guardian" is showing, we're moving to an era when time will be how campaigns are bought and success measured.
  • Netflix Declares War On Linear TV With A Show Aired Every Tuesday? Confused?
    Netflix talks big about revolutionising linear television, but it's failing to walk the walk by airing "Breaking Bad" prequel "Better Call Saul" each Tuesday. Are fears of churn moving Netflix to a very traditional -- dare we say, linear -- model?
  • Suarez, Adidas And Amazon Get Away With It Because Consumers Don't Care About Brand Values
    Serial football cheat Suarez is clearly welcomed back to the fold as he fronts Adidas' latest campaign and tax-avoiding Amazon tops the UK entertainment charts. Turns out we really don't give a stuff about morals or corporate citizenship.
  • McDonald's Paying The Price For Ignoring Changing Customers, Thinking PR Can Wash Its Hands Clean
    McDonald's is fast becoming the warning for brands that don't shift with their changing customer base and think cracks can be paved over with PR that is the health equivalent of "greenwash."
  • 3 Deal To Buy O2 Back On -- Could The Ultimate Winner Be Sky?
    Another day, another merger. Looks like 3 is set to buy O2 -- but could the ultimate winner be Sky waiting in the wings to offer the vital missing components required for the "quad play" end game?
  • Quad Play Is The Only Game In Town - Whither Vodafone And 3?
    With a lack of any real profit in selling people telephone lines or mobile airtime apparent, the race is on to combine the two with television and broadband to deliver the promise of "Quad Play" bundles sweetened with entertainment packages. Are two big players about to break away from the pack?
  • Think Google Will Just Get A Slap On The Wrist From The EU? Think Again
    Right now you probably think the EU will give Google a light slap on the wrist when it decides, potentially by Easter, what course of action to take against the Internet giant. Read today's blog, however, and you may well change your mind. A firmer line against Google seems increasingly likely.
  • Amazon Intensifies Streaming Wars As It Proves Content Is King All Along
    Amazon's leap into the movie business shows that content always has been king, even when it seemed like distributors held the aces. On the downside, however, prepare for an intensification of the walled-garden format war as three Titans clash as content owners.
  • Think Social's Over-Hyped? Don't Worry, It Isn't Just You -- And The Data Can Prove It
    Social is all the rage -- and constantly being predicted as seeing off dinosaur media such as television and radio. The trouble is that although there are opportunities, if you throw some data at social it begins to look a lot less impressive.
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