• Portals Step Up With Broadcasters To Meet Growing Online Video Ad Demand
    The surprising news of the day is not that Yahoo is working with Simon Cowell on a new television series, but rather that it is just one of the 55 they have commissioned. At a time when two in three marketers are seeking to put more budget into online video, there seems to be a coming together of content and brand interest.
  • Beach Body-Ready Company Must Be Loving The Haters
    Call it what you like, but using a "beach ready" model with a great figure is anything but sexist while it rubs shoulders on tube trains and magazine spreads featuring male models with perfect six-packs advertising shorts and underpants. All the social media haters have done is given Protein World fame and a new edge.
  • Apple Watch Will Tick Away In The Background
    It's a very non-Apple type of product with complex model decisions requiring high stock levels so customers can see it on their wrist -- not to mention it's an entirely new market. So today's muted launch is likely to reflect a product that will do well, but over time.
  • Ad-Blocking Crisis: Time Publishers Got Tough On Digital Shoplifters
    Ad blocking is on the rise, particularly among millennials, and now it has been declared legal in Germany. For publishers, the message is simple: Get tough on those who want an even freer free ride. If you don't want our ads, we don't want you, should be the very clear battle cry.
  • Be Mobile-First Or Get Hit By 'Mobilegeddon'
    Mobilegeddon has struck -- and considering that one in five of the UK's top brands were outed earlier this month for not being mobile-friendly, there are likely to be some worried brand marketers out there clicking the "next" button on Google to find their brand.
  • The Future Is Digital - But Don't Forget About Television
    Marketing gurus are quick to write off all traditional media as they predict a landslide of budget moving into Internet advertising. But the argument always falls short on television, which is more than holding its own in the digital age -- with or without the help of broadcaster video on demand.
  • More Than Data: Pioneers Show Programmatic Is About People, Culture Too
    Programmatic is normally associated with data-driven display, but the message from early pioneers is that it's as much about your people and your culture as it is your data. After two of the early adopters -- Moneysupermarket and eBay -- explained their experiences, what stood out for me was that programmatic is, to use a cliche, a "journey" as much as a "destination" -- and as such, it's as much about the culture and the people within the organisation as it is about the technology.
  • Where's Your Name Been? Brand Safety Now Top Priority Following 'Paedo' Site Revelations
    Brand safety is promoted to the No. 1 topic of the moment as household names are embarrassed by their adverts appearing on inappropriate sites. For brands the message is clear, act now or get caught in a nasty backlash.
  • Google, Prepare Yourself For An EU Beating
    It was offered a carrot for several years, but today Google will feel the end of the European Commission's stick. It is now difficult to see how Google can operate in Europe without major change -- and likely, huge fines.
  • Is Labour Fighting Yesterday's Media Battles?
    Is it me, or does the Labour manifesto just pick up on a pile of yesterday's media battles? The potentially revolutionary 9 p.m. watershed for "junk" food ads is dropped, but instead the party is tackling yesterday's issues of media regulation and plurality.
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