• Did Video Eat Programmatic's Lunch? Is GDPR To Blame?
    The figures are in for Q2 video advertising, and there's more evidence that quality content and premium brands are increasingly connecting directly.
  • Corbyn Pours More Fuel On His Fire Of Media Hatred
    Yesterday's blasting of the media shows how the Labour Leader just doesn't get it.
  • Privacy Study Proves Gen Z, Millennials Are Just Like The Rest Of Us
    Just like Gen X, younger audiences believe that more must be done on privacy, but we all just "accept" cookies anyway.
  • Viewability And Fraud Show Progress, Mobile Video Still Risky
    The latest research shows improvements in viewability and fraud -- but mobile video is still the biggest brand risk.
  • Murdoch Was An Observer As Comcast Beat Disney For Sky Control
    Fox and its stake in Sky were already signed over to Disney, so curiously, Murdoch was a spectator on this one.
  • No More Mr Nice Guy -- UK Plans To Regulate Tech Giants
    Plans for a new internet regulator are being drawn up to end the days of light-touch oversight.
  • EU To Retailers -- Anyone Fancy Kicking Amazon In The Teeth?
    A confident European Commission has changed tack, and is now looking for complainants to build a case.
  • Is It Really Fair To Treat US Tech Giants As Broadcasters?
    Regulators are moving closer to treating the tech giants like broadcasters. The fines could be huge. But would it be fair?
  • Agencies And Advertisers -- Where Has The Trust Gone?
    Forty percent don't trust each other, and 40% think trust levels are just "average." Transparency is still opening wounds.
  • Fake News Relies On Least Trusted Papers Being The Best Read
    The least trusted UK newspapers are actually the most read. Any wonder that fake news is such an issue?
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