• Newspapers Need 5x Faster Digital Growth Just To Stand Still
    National and regional news brands needs five times as much digital growth to plug the collapse in print revenues.
  • Does GDPR Come With A 'Get Out Of Jail Free' Card?
    It appears to, in the form of "legitimate interest." Don't believe me? Just read the law. I did.
  • Apple Finally Realises Content Is King, Not Shiny Boxes
    Apple has hired the woman who made "Bake Off" go commercial as it realises people want shows, not boxes.
  • Who Needs 'Friends' Like Facebook?
    As it publicly sucks up to publishers with free distribution deals, it is piloting a new pay-to-play strategy.
  • Beating Ad Blockers Is Simple, Adland Tells Publishers
    Just drop the intrusive ads and then block the blockers. What could be simpler?
  • UK Brands Reach Tipping Point On Viewability And Programmatic
    Accepting unviewable ads as the price for automated "progress" is no longer an option.
  • Loyalty Is So Simple -- It's A Wonder How 'Smart' Brands Get It So Wrong
    They spend a fortune on loyalty programmes -- yet too many brands treat customers as captives.
  • Facebook And Google Are On A Charm Offensive -- Don't Be Fooled
    Facebook acted when the Government threatened action, and YouTube acted only after it was boycotted.
  • Did The IAB UK Just Save Advertising -- From Itself?
    Its Gold Standard launch today could be digital advertising finally growing up -- which it needs to do in order to survive.
  • Mobile And Video Are Bashing The Banners
    Banners are flat-lining while mobile video overtakes display. It's a mobile video future.
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