• Trump And Brexit Push Readers To The Left -- Switching Or Social Sharing?
    Trump and Brexit are credited with pushing more online news readers toward left-leading papers, away from "The Daily Mail." Is that right? Aren't people sharing on Facebook, not switching?
  • Irony Alert! Google Boycott Bites As Video Safety Improves
    In the ultimate irony, Google is called out and boycotted at the same time that new research shows video brand safety is actually the best it has ever been.
  • Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen -- UK Takes A Gamble That Just Might Pay Off
    It's done. We're outta here. A 44-year relationship is over as Article 50 is triggered. New horizons beckon for the optimistic who are not busy opposing democracy or fighting for independence prematurely.
  • Murdoch Wins First Round Vs Google -- But Could Ad Blocking Make It A Pyrrhic Victory?
    The newspaper charge against Google has worked as brands queue up to boycott YouTube. But can news brands capitalise on the early win when they're at the epicentre of ad blocking?
  • Could Google's Woes Spare TV A 7% Revenue Nosedive?
    Zenith's forecast figures for television are a dire warning for the industry -- but could a 7% dip in spend during Q1 be averted by Google's brand safety issues?
  • Digital Marketing Can No Longer Hit 'Snooze' On This 'Wake-Up Call'
    The Coalition For Better Ads has reported back to adland on which formats users find the most annoying. The onus is now on the industry to "retire" pop-ups and auto play videos or drive more users to ad blockers.
  • #WeAreNotAfraid -- Trump Jr, Fake News, Selfies And Doctors Show Both Sides Of Social On London Attack
    Every side of humanity came out in social media during the terror attack on London yesterday -- from Donald Trump Jr's "disgraceful" tweet to images of nurses and doctors rushing to attend the injured while onlookers took selfies.
  • Moving In-House -- Advertisers Are Finally Challenging Domineering Agencies
    ISBA research shows what many have long suspected. The direction of travel in adland is in-house, to where the brand is more in control and isn't paying a fortune for a trendy agency's massive headcount and swanky offices.
  • Pennies Or Ten Billion Pounds? Is Google-Bashing Taking Adland's Eye Off The Big Prize?
    Google deserves a brand safety boycott, but is Unilever CMO Keith Weed correct? Does this tunnel vision detract from other issues -- namely ad fraud costing advertisers 10 billion pounds per year?
  • Google's Chickens Come Home To Roost In Its Toughest Week Ever
    Google could use a friend right now as politicians grill it and brands pull spend. But if you're a tax avoidance specialist on the verge of a massive EU antitrust fine, friends are hard to find.
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